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Yeah, I used to live in England, but now I live in Houston. I like anime, ramen, apple cores, pudding, and other random things in life. Oh and if your asking about the avatar, you gotta guess what it is!!!!!

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Adriasil Jul 25, 2009

Samooooo! Happy vacaction time!

How are you going?

Adriasil Jun 1, 2009

Oh and there's a new series of melancholy oh Haruhi Suzumiya, which you might like!

Adriasil Jun 1, 2009



I haven't haerd from you in ages.... what have you been up to?

You must be on break about now..... are you?

Adriasil May 5, 2009

Oh, do you have a working PC at your house..? I was just wondering because I joined a group that is doing Shippuuden, but they're like 7 episodes behind, and they need a timer, but unfortunately the mac version of Aegisub isnt working yet. So if you are interested I can tell them if you want.... in the meantime check out their site:



Adriasil May 5, 2009

Hey sam!!!!


I was just wondering if you had watched the first series of higurashi no naku koro ni, or if you had just gone straight to kai..... I have decided that I shall watch it, and there's a five series OVA that is coming out now, actually its already out, just thought you may be interested!