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Busy Week

15 JUL

I can't remember the last time I watched this much anime in one week. For some reason, it just leaves me wanting even more.

I love Bakuman, in case that wasn't clear yet. Reading the weekly chapters as soon as the hit the web apparently isn't enough for me right now, so I decided to watch the anime, which has now completed one full season. It does a pretty good job following the manga, keeping much closer than the other adaptations I've already complained about. There's very little filler, the pacing is good, and only a few details and event chronologies have been altered. I got so into it that I burned through all 25 episodes in about 4 days.

Bakuman ran me Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. The break on Sunday was for an anime night with friends, where I introduced a relative newb to some of the classic shows. We made it through the first two or three episodes each of Record of Lodoss War, Outlaw Star, Scrapped Princess, and Witch Hunter Robin.

Tuesday and Wednesday I wasn't feeling well, and did as little work as possible before settling in for the night, so there was plenty of time to continue the anime smorgasbord. After cranking out the final 12 episodes of Bakuman in one night on Tue, I burned through the entire 12 ep series Hidan no Aria on Wed. I had some strong feelings about it, both positive and negative, and felt I could write about it pretty objectively, so I finally tried out the review option on the site. Head over and read my final review if you want to know more about the series.

It's pretty late already tonight, but I'm considering starting something new. We'll see what happens.

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MOJ avatar MOJ
Jul 18, 2011

Wow, i applaud your efforts and determination to keep watching. I would have been watching just as much, if i didn't have to attend the 3rd level of hell aka Summer school.

I am not too sure, but it seem that you like Bakuman, correct me if i am wrong :P I might just try it if it is that good.

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