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Seriously, if anyone actually looks at this blog, you may have wondered. Nearly 3 months between postings. Well, life happens - but the anime continues!

After rewatching the first half, I finally finished X (TV). I must say, I was a bit disappointed. The series started off well enough, with some initial action, building intrigue, and interesting characters. Then, it just came to a point where watching felt like a chore, and I struggled through quite a few episodes. It picked up for the final handful, rekindling my hopes, then ended with a ridiculous cop-out 'everything goes back to normal' scenario.

Once I'd finally killed off the series, I watched the movie, which was the older basis. It was a good deal more entertaining, though there was very little time for development. It was also much darker, in mood, coloring, theme, and events, which I guess I was hoping for more of in the series. Aside from ending - SPOILER ALERT - with freaking everybody dies holy crap!!! it was far more worth my time.

After X, I needed to lighten the mood, so I finally got around to watching Lucky Star. Completely hooked from the start, I burned through the entire series in a handful of days, obsessively putting on the next episode whenever I had more than 25 minutes of free time at home. To sum it up, the whole thing is 'of otaku, by otaku, for otaku.' Now that I think about it, nothing actually happened in the show. Ever. You just watch the boring daily lives of four girls. But it's brilliant, and very well-executed. I highly recommend it, if you can keep up.

In what was probably the most difficult time I've ever had locating and acquiring any anime, I searched diligently until I got my hands (er, harddrive) on The Legend of Black Heaven. The basic premise is that a futuristic fleet fighting a battle for galactic supremacy needs the unique guitar sounds of a former rock star to power their superweapon and maintain peace in space. He's by now a miserable, aging salary-man struggling to care for a family he has largely distanced himself from emotionally. As he begins disappearing at all hours to fight in space, his normal life on Earth slowly falls even further apart until it basically hits rock bottom. Then towards the end, the things he's learned and changes he's undergone from seeing a bigger picture of existence start allowing him to bring his life back together even better than before, strengthening his family relations and brightening his existence.

The series tends to feel rather monotonous, as the space settings remain generic and undeveloped and the ordinary life on Earth becomes increasingly more depressing. The Ultimate Weapon is a one-trick-pony until the very end. The character development is understated and handled poorly, and the wife is enough of a stupid annoying bitch to have become my first ever 'hated' character on this site. The music is the highlight of the show, with extreme and amazing rock/metal, but the same few riffs get repeated until you're sick of them, and new sounds get introduced late and infrequently. Despite everything, though, I still thought the whole thing was great, with the sheer awesomeness managing to overcome all the rest. It's one of those 'love it or hate it' shows, I think, and I loved it too much to hate it.

Moments before starting this post, I finished Welcome to the NHK, about which I have numerous comments. I also spent most of July and August getting caught up on the Fairy Tail anime (after spending most of June catching up on the manga), which is up to 99 this week and took some serious time. I'll make sure to get up another post within the next few days, focusing on those two series; this chunk of writing has already been long enough. So it'll end. Now. :p

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