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holiday is the best thing in life.


Living like life is a freaking joke



my mum

iPod Touch



United States of America

Sitting on a bench in the city, watching people Clubbin'






Smell of the rain

Lookin' at UFOs


Hypocritical peeps


wrapped in plastic

Walking away in the middle of a conversation



Hellogoodbye, Di-rect, Gackt, Lil'wayne, eminem, incubus, simple plan, hadouken, fall out boy, krezip, three doors down, metro station, the rocket summer, the kooks, kaiser chiefs, arctic monkeys, coldplay, yellowcard, stellerkart, dir and grey, good charlotte, we came as romans, all time low, brokencyde, boys like girls, blink 182, sum41, the all-american rejects, gorillaz, Hot Hot Heat, My chemical romance, Panic! At the disco, Paramore, sugarcult, blue october, Leaf, Maria meno, Forever the sickest kids, britney, spears, mercy mercedes, gwen stefanie, steen, de jeugd van tegenwoordig, michael jackson, plain white T's, Justin Timberlake, And a lot more ;0


Electro, Pop, Rock, Rap, alternative


gummi bears, spaghetti, cookies,`You.

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NoMatter Aug 10, 2009

Good times always end fast.....

Ssoele is just crazy that's all.

NoMatter Aug 10, 2009

As ussual I have no idea if I should speak dutch or english.... ;_; And I'm bad at the introducing stuff. So don't pay to much mind.

Well I'll be my first fellow dutch. ^^

Word of advice, be carefull of Ssoele! xD

Tired? To much to do? I know the problem!

kitsune1324 Jul 27, 2009

hey, thanks. ^_^

Right now i'm practicing for football and soccer.

I wish i could do karate!

Cfos Jul 27, 2009

Yeah, the desing is boring, but there r way more functions than here (clubs, fav ppl/characters etc.^^), but well, everybody has his own taste^^

Hmm..well...there was a big storm...if u mean that^^, but it wasn't anything big, I was safe:D:D:D:D:D^^

Hehehe:D, german at school:D:D:D, how do u like our language?????

kitsune1324 Jul 25, 2009

Hey, i like your profile! You seem pretty cool! =)