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Hi , 

     as you know I am a guy whom intrested in anime world, And that's caused me a lot of truoble at 1st . you see my community along with my parents see animation as if it was made for children not anyone else    -_-  Do you believe that my mom took my laptop for 6 months so I can't watch anime (O_O) Yeah! 6 month!! but I found another ways to watch anime insted on my laptop. I think my mom & dad is still against the idea of me & anime :P

Any way..

     I started to watch anime around 4 to 5 years ago I can't remember the exact day, All what I know is that my brother came to me with a bunch of DVD's & told me " you've gotta to see this" it was Naruto!! YEP! my 1st anime that got me to the Anime world was Naruto.

I watched Anime before Naruto But I didn't realized that it was anime, for example  my 1st time I seeing aniome ever was when I gone to the Cinema on a holiday with my family at america , I was sitting in the chair in a drak hall and then walla !! It was POKE'MON .             it was POKEMON 2000 Movie, I started tp love pokemon scince then. but now .. not that much I still like the story but I don't like how they present pokemon as cartoon not anime if you know what I mean.

At high school I stareted - after the naruto thing - to ask my friends around me if they watch anime or not & I began to ask them to give me some anime - it sounded like I was begging ^^' - I started with 60 gb hard disk and now I have 2tb & 750gb along with the 60 you do the math ^_^

I geuss people mention the type of animation & their top Anime here, so>> here goes.

My top anime are #_#

- One Piece:

- 5cm

- Skip Beat

- Code Geass

- Air Gear

- Naruto Shippuuden  

- Fairy Tail

- B Gate H Kei

- Clannad!

- Darker Than Black

- Devil May Cry

- Fullmetal Alchemist


- Gundam

- School Rumble

>>> etc..

& the list continues

Well that's in brief how I got in to the anime world & a short story of me , If you like to know more about me, share anime knowlege or even suggest some anime to me I'll be more than glad to be friends with you ^_*

& That's it B-) 

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Yamik0 says...

Wow guy, you have seen everything!

I'm happy to see that you appreciate Tiger Mask.

Greetings from Italy! ^_^

Sep 1, 2014