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 I've been watching anime for about 3 years now.  I started on manga and got hooked then moved on to anime.  I watch pretty much anything as long as its good.  I'm aloso a gammer :D. Anime Rox!!


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Kijame says...

no, someone made it for me, but I tend to use it as my avatar anywhere I join... and if I've been there for a while, I change it sometimes... depending on how active I am ^_^

Oct 28, 2008
Kijame says...

haha, I'm in the middle of completing my list, but yeah, DB/Z/GT is one of the few long series I have actually watched completely, every ep and movie... (except for the 3 DB movies I think)...

It was one of the first ones I watched (and read) before getting into Animanga.

I've organized a list of what I watch and read before I found this site... now I think it's a neato feature to see how much I spend my time on anime... but of course it doesn't show me the time I spent on re-runs etc XD

Oct 15, 2008
Animedreamer240 says...

Hey how did your midterms go?  I think I bombed one of mine (geography), and I'm so afraid to go to class on Tuesday. T_T

Hmmm.  Have you ever seen Xam'd?  It's so similar to Eureka 7.  I also recommend Gungrave annnd.. -thinks- Since you like Elfen, you might like Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.  That was a great one. As for something like Fruits Basket...the only anime that reminded me of that was Ouran Highschool Hostclub. xD Since it's also reverse harem and all the bishie characters have different personalities and drama.

Oct 11, 2008
KatDJZ says...

Yeah, I'm going to get around to all of the eventually :) I have to finish some of these first though, or else I'll be watching a million things at once!

Oct 4, 2008
mbowen89 says...


HOW THE &W%$^ did you find me>?

Just kiddding :D

But no, really? o_O

Oct 4, 2008