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Hi there


Yea, I'm a sucker for Shoujo-ai and romance

but i watch other stuff as long as it's decent!

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mariprosa May 20, 2009

Thanks for the compilment on my review for Kurenai.  I'm glad you enjoyed it =)

ushio10 May 6, 2009

Kanon looks good. Good choice.

ushio10 May 5, 2009

Hmmmm...... Visual arts/Key and Kyoto animations work....... I usually never pay attention to these things. BUt I will definitely start.

I remember when I finished watching the anime Itzurea Kiss I accidentally found it in a Asian Drama website. So they have a live show of it. I only watched the first 2 episodes (1hr each). The girl has the funniest exressions. It wasn't bad but I just kind of drifted back to wathching another anime. It follows the story line pretty closely too. The guy has everything and the girl .... well.... like you said: Kyoko but without the talent. The mother liked dressing him in girl clothes when he was young and the girl blackmails him with one of the pictures. Its great.

Its crazy how distant we are. You live in Denmark!WoW! Thats cool.... I wonder what the hour difference is? WHen you wrote the last message I was going to bed and you were at work. I dont know if I should write "Have a good day" or "Have a Good nite" lol Anyways.. "Have a good one!"  

ushio10 May 4, 2009

I think and HOPE theres another season for Skip Beat. Like you said, it was left WIDE OPEN!! Damn anime is a Tease! lol Air was really sad and cute. Around half way I got a little confused. Dont get me wrong, I still loved it. It was good. I think I prefer Clannad over Air though. Clannad was funny, sad and cute. I watched the movie right after I finished the anime.... I was drowning in my tears. It was SOOOOOO sad. I really liked them both. Put it this way, I have both of their PVC action figures! :) You have seen them right? I remember comparing our list to see what we have seen in common and you had them!! YEs!!

Im not gonna lie... I always look at your page for 2 reasons:

1. I love looking at your avatar! :)

2. To see if you watched any new episodes. You watch alot....good. :)

By the way what are you going to watch now?

ushio10 May 3, 2009

Awesome! Yeah, the open ended ending was a failure. I just cant wait for the next season of Skip Beat. Its gonna be really good. :)