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My name is Nathan Mulligan, I am from Australia but I honestly don't feel really that Aussie because of all my travels!

I am a graphic designer by trade and I started my own design business Sigh Design.

Speaking of design I also have a deviantART account where I have a few bits and bobs for your viewing pleasure (although most of it is very old... Hence my user name being Squirrel-Industries). Feel free to give me a hoi on there if your a fellow deviant despite my lack of submissions I am fairly active.

To something a bit more relevant. Anime!
So I don't devour ye ol' anime as much as I used to but I still have a love for it!

Favourites would have to be:
Ergo Proxy (Overall favourite - love the dark animation style and physiological aspects)

Noien (For concept)

Claymore (For fights/story)

5 Centimeters per Second (For animation/story because I do admit I love my slice of life! - I must mention my love of the animation in Time of Eve though!)

That's just about everything with me, how about you?

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