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Favorite Characters


    I've figured out that I seem to like strong, slightly tsundere secondary female characters. o_o If you need more proof, read below...

    The first manga I ever read was Aria. I was about three volumes in when I noticed Akira and immediately thought..."she's my favorite!" (Akira remains my favorite name for female Japanese characters and if I had to be picked to be renamed, I'd pick Akira.)

    Then came Fruits Basket, during which I decided that my favorite character was ex-Yankee Arisa Uotani, who happened to be disturbingly similar to Akira.

    Kare Kano had Tsubaki Sakura, who ALSO was similar to the above two characters. She was a second-tier female character with somewhat violent tendencies. This was the point when I began to come to my senses and think, "WTF?"

    Then there was Azumanga Daioh and Sakaki, the tall, dark-haired slightly bishoujo strong-and-silent girl with a secret love of cats. If you aren't noticing a slight pattern here, I pity you.

    Prince of Tennis has very few female characters, so I had to go and find myself a male version of my usual favorites. Of course it was Tezuka Kunimitsu...of course.

    And since I can't remember any other manga at this point, we'll leave it there without mentioning Akane Kishida of Kitchen Princess. And, as usual, she is almost exactly the same as most of the other characters mentioned above.

    (And, as a non-manga/anime side note, my favorite character in Avatar was Trudy Chacon, who naturally is the same as everyone else I liked in any other piece of media. And interestingly, Asagi from Yotsuba&! is the only one who doesn't fit this character type. Probably because nobody in that manga does, so I had to find someone who's pretty close.)


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