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Guilty Crown

Mar 22, 2012

Guilty Crown is an anime of pure ingeniousness. Although I have not watched a GIANT list of animes, this one stuck out like a sore thumb for me - in a good way.

Guilty Crown gave me the character attatchment I wanted - with all the characters, and not just one. Each character fulfilled their role, and with such an intense storyline to play with, each character became that much MORE important.

Story: 8/10 - I thought the overall story was completely incredible. And, to both my disappointment and deducing, I was able to get a generalized ending to what this anime was going to come to. Although I am completely binded by this anime and love it to death, the ending was just too predictable, especially because of how twisting it was throughout the whole anime. I was expecting more of a twist at the end; something other than what this anime had brought to the table. And, once again, don't get me wrong. The storyline was absolutely amazing. The ending, though? Not so much. Its predictability was too high and that was really the only sour point throughout the entire anime, especially because of how this story creates such an unique character attatchment - to both minor and major characters within the storyline. However, I do not believe another ending would have been suitable, anyway, especially because of their intentions on ending the season with this last episode. Unless they have plans for another season, there was no better way for them to end it the way they did. Otherwise, the entire plotline would, more than likely, break.

Animation: 10/10 - The animation was incredible. The effects. Flashes. Lighting. Everything. I do not think I could emphasize anymore even if I wanted to, because the animation used in this anime was truly amazing.

Sound: 10/10 - Not only was the animation mind-blowing, but the sound was implemented very well, too. Not just sounds effects, explosions, and all those other things, but the music played at crucial/key points was just extremely fitting. I do not believe any other music used in this anime would have suited it like it did.

Characters: 10/10 - Overall, I became attatched to, practically, every character. Because I don't want to spoil anything, I won't list my reasons saying why. However - each character's influence -- both minor and major -- really affected the overally story/plot of Guilty Crown. Each character had their role, and with that role, they played it well. And, did I mention the plot twists and mind-boggling events in Guilty Crown? Not only were they story-heavy and extremely relevant to the plot, whether you realize it early or not, each character really emerges, and emerges well, if I might add, to show emphasis on their role in the story. I stick to the quote, “The secret of patience is doing something else in the meanwhile," meaning, allow yourself to really immerse yourself in the character's of Guilty Crown, and really understand their importance and point-of-view, rather than shunning them because they do not posses an influence as great as the Main Characters of the plot.

Overall: 9/10 - Once again, the only reason this Anime isn't rated 10/10 is because of the very predictable ending. And although the story could not have ended any other way, or at least could not have ended as well as it did any other way, I still do wish there was some type of plot twist at the end. Something that could possibly lead to even more of the story of Guilty Crown, or an ending that leaves you wondering, rather than just knowing. But, I say this again, Guilty Crown is an anime of its own league. And by that, I mean this anime -- Guilty Crown -- is one of those animes that will leave you wondering "Wow," as you continue to re-immerse yourself into the wonderful story you have just completed.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Efflorescent Apr 3, 2012

Yes, I too agree with these plot holes. But, the plot alone is not a reason to "like" an anime. There are many other important pieces that fit into an anime. Sure, I mean, there are many parts in Guilty Crown that do not provide information at all, or just disappear like they never happened.

However, Anime -- in itself -- is pure entertainment. You become entertained, or you don't. That's how I see it, anyway.

If you like it, you like it. If not, then it's obvious.

NerdFail Apr 2, 2012

hmm interesting review. Can't say I agree with it in the slightest, but regardless. I can understand why you seem to have liked it though. I think it's because of the fact that it uses a similar formula to code geass. I'm not sure what it is about it, but there's something about this formula that just completely whisks people off their feet, regardless of the blatantly obvious mistakes and lack of character. I remember I too was dazzled by code geass (and still enjoy it a fair amount though for other reasons now). But anyways, I feel like the writers of this anime do very little to actually create circumstances to support the "character development" (quoted due to the lack of), and even less to support the actual plots of the story. There are so many loose ends and extremely premature thoughts left, and with how the story ended, it seems very unlikely a continuation series was kept in mind, meaning this is how they probably wanted to have it end.

But again, I can understand why you may have been completely dazzled by this. There were many moments where I myself really got caught up in the moment. Again, there's just something in this formula that really makes you enjoy it, more so for those who have not watched a wide range of anime. But those are just my thoughts.

Efflorescent Mar 28, 2012

I did read a couple of other views, but this is how I personally feel about the anime.

And I understand and respect completely on what they have to say.

I, personally, just enjoyed this anime a lot and don't have any negative thoughts on it, other than the predictable ending.

To each their own, I suppose.

roriconfan Mar 28, 2012

The only reason was the predictable ending you say? So you weren't annoyed at all by the dozens of directing mistakes and the retarded characters?