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Hai thar :3

Name's debs and i be an 18 year old anime fan from that lovely wee city of Glasgow.When I'm not hunting haggis and singing Loch Lomond with men in tartan skirts, i watch anime.

I learn all my haggis-hunting techniques through anime such as the Kage Bushin for trapping my haggis and then the kamehameha for obliterating it when i'm upset.

I love lots of genres of anime from shounen-ai to Shojo and harem to Shounen.

I love anything thats pretty random and funny such as Dokoro-Chan and Excel Saga.

I cant be bothered listing the anime i like here so just browse my profile to see my tastes :)

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Scygoku says...

@_@ Clearly haggis requires alot of high level techniques to capture

:D They can also be Nabe-Hame-ha'd aswell

Jun 13, 2008
Lcn says...

Hello! and welcome to A-P ^_^

Feb 6, 2008
Katakana says...

welcome to AP!

who is that fat character on your avatar :P

just kidding.. but compressing Asuka's body from top of her thighs to head into a square format is probably not a great idea :)    

Feb 6, 2008
TheGiftedMonkey says...

Welcome to A-P kid.  =P

Feb 6, 2008