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From: Norwich, UK. Currently living in Newcastle, UK.

Interests: Anime. Programming, Drawing, Gaming, Music... and Anime.

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May 27, 2008

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July 5, 2014

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VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen

You Rock!

May 27, 2008

I originally came into your profile to say wow what a good rec. Nicely written. I noticed you were new, and it's awesome to see someone get stuck in so quickly.

However, I'm afraid that paled in comparison to the realisation that we're from the same county. Welcome, fellow Norfolkian! Welcome to AP! I wish Norfolk accent translated into writing - not that I have one, but it certainly would have made the welcome far more emotional, I'm sure. Lol. Hopefully, see you active in the forum (yes, we have one - look at the top of the page). Join us... join us... join the dark side.... ^^;

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