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TotallyLovable Jul 8, 2008

Hm~~ Natsume is kinda ok, but i still prefer the guy with the star! (still can't remember what his name was! ^^;) Anyways, have you already watched Gakuen Alice or like me can't find enough time to watch?! =]

TotallyLovable Jul 2, 2008

I see! I see! I'm watching it at the moment, too! I kinda like it! And my fave character is the boy with a star under the eye (I can't remember his name yet!) But as you said it's interesting! =]

Thanks for introducing this show to me! (^.^)\/

TotallyLovable Jun 25, 2008

Heheh~! I know exactly what you mean by that! I have this same experience just about always! *lol* But I need to reduce the amount of time for browsing on the Internet and increase the time for watching animes. (^.^)\/

And at the end of this week, I'll finally be free! NO SCHOOL! SUMMER HOLIDAY HERE I COME! X3

TotallyLovable Jun 24, 2008

Well, I'm not good with these stuff either! But one thing's for sure - I don't have much time in my hands either! Poor us! - I want to watch and watch till I go mad! XD

TotallyLovable Jun 11, 2008

I don't know about the other thing, but I guess I can answer that question with: "I'm fine, thanks! Just now, however, I don't really watch many anime as there isn't much time for that. How about you?"

Also, I guess that you should tell me something lil about yourself! XD