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Hiya o_o Edward here. Here's a short history of my route to hikikomoridom. :3

I fell in love with Japanese comic art playing Zelda no Densetsu which in-turn sparked my interest in drawing. Being a video gamer from that era lead me to watching anime. While I still enjoy animation I mostly like manga these days. But give me a cool theme song and I'll sing along. w

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What?! No anime ratings?

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sothis Dec 19, 2008

Oo, a manga reader! Check out this thread when you get a chance - I'd love it if you could help us fill in the holes in the DB! :D (which are a lot, we only have about 200 manga up at the moment!)

CancerianKage Jul 9, 2008

Oh yeah, forgot, back in the day we talked about that. lol was gonna be a deadly galka MNK, & you wanted to name him that XD

Thats good to hear, mang. Samurai has really tranformed since when we first started. Now you can have the evasion of a ninja (293 eva skill), penta makes DRGs cry, and they're spammers. I love the versatility SAM has.

Panda keeps telling me you got relic GKT. I'm like, Panda, if anyone we knew had a relic, they'd hafta buy a massive amount a gil, attend stuff like kings & whatnot to be a pillar in their LS for many hours per day, AND they'd need one huge/deadly LS to manhandle Dyanmis-Xarc & Dynamis-Beac. I'm much too lazy for that lol Too bad you're not on my server, or I'd leave ya some stuff.

I'm fixing to quit FFXI again, right after I just got askar too lol. Got some friends that want me on WoW.

What do you need a whip for? o_o You can't visit me! Unless you come as Heartilly :3 then we can raid the dungeon between my sheets. /shamelessly hits on fem char friend using fem char self as bait

I'm doing DeVry online courses now, but if I come to Ocala one day, we could meet up. Not much to do at my place though ^^;

I have a few stories to tell you, like the time neighborhood watch came upon me & Dustin walking down the road at 2AM. Both dressed in goth, him holding a hatchet & smoking, me holding a GKT. lol good times

I might come over your place though, if its cool. or if you wanna bring entertainment here, that works too.

What're you up to nowadays?

CancerianKage Jul 9, 2008

awww, thats cold, mun. Gettin' on here and not even a hello. u_u I think thats an emotial scar only you treating me out to a buffet can heal.

Okay fine, I'm extorting food. But don't tell me its because you're shy! Otherwise, I'll hafta nickname you "buttercup"to reflect your 'gentle' nature. XD

*Runs for life* You can't behead what you can't catch!

 Advent children was beautiful, I won't lie. The combination swords, and the new stylish duds thing brought Cloud to a whole new level of bad assitude, just when it was thought not possible. At this point, I don't know why Sephiroth keeps coming back, though... its like hes treated like a dog thats not suppose to be on the furniture... Cloud omnislashes him, and Seph leaves whimpering. Okay, maybe that imagery doesn't work, but you know what I mean. Seph, when you go back to "heaven" this time, build either: VIT, HP, Evade, or INT (so you can plot how to kill Cloud without dying in one special attack, ya silver haired pansy).

I'm told Samurai 7 (anime) really has the soul of the samurai in it; from what I can tell, its an anime version of The Seven Samurai, so I'm really looking forward to it. You should check it out, if you have the means to. 

IrisFaust Jul 7, 2008

Heya , good to see ya on here. Favorites are good... surprised Berserk didn't make your favs though hehe. 

Legend of the Crystals.. >< i'm still hopin for a dvd rerelease .. it should have been in my collection long ago.

 well, see ya around on aim. - (") ^-_0^ (")