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Hello there.

Sooo yeah what can I say except that I love Anime and Manga but I don't read much manga. I been a fan of it for over a decade. Some of my favourite Anime have to be Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchesmit Brotherhood, The World God only Knows, Rozen Maiden and etc... well I like a lot of Anime's out there. I want to read the Manga of some of the Anime's I've watched but I just can't read it online and I don't have the moneyz to afford it -_-

Well except Anime and Manga, I'm also into playing video games, I'm more a nintendo guy so yeah I like games like Legend og Zelda, Super Mario, Pokemon...etc. I like also the xbox 360 but yeah I just going to saaaaaay.......Fuck the Xbox one xD

Away from all Gaming and Anime/Manga I do also draw but I'm not that good at it because I don't spend too much time drawing even if I want to *I'm Lazy!* but yeah...

And that's it for me

Thank you if you read it all :)

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camillimeter says...

Thanks for the respond to my SAO review. I really appreaciated it. :))

Jul 29, 2013