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Kind of it was like at an accident I went in there I was horrible at it but I got skiesrockin it they're having fun music is bumping I absolutely loved it and you know what there's another I’d never left I just kept coming back to that thing and now II certified to teach it I’ve a hip-hop dance instructor and its it's on real am I get out there I teaches classes the conference line at Korea a cat be Ablation coalition Safer Colon conference last week I'll I taught I was out there to teach the hip-hop group exercise a for folks out there they're trying to find you know a new made at New Trier mix it up or maybe they’re just getting started for the first time like I was you know three-and-a-half months years ago and so on so you know that's what I do I get out there and I you know fitness can be fun it should be fine but you got to get out there and do it in you know your city I would tell people you're funnies out there to find it you know and I am I'm out there doing that the other cool cool thing that I get to do and you know for me my her is really really in touch with the kids out there that to that are struggling whether they’re really super skinny naturally or may be there not being healthy about it or maybe they're overweight may have got a problem what every whatever their situation.

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