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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is one of the anime I followed weekly in 2012. However, following it weekly meant that each episode lost impact between te last and the next.

Revisiting Tasogare after over a year made this all the more clear.


Several decades before the start of the story, a young woman was left to die in Seikyou Academy's original school building. Yet no one knows how she died - not even the ghost of said girl who now wanders the Academy's halls. The ghost forms the "Paranormal Investigations Clu" after she realises a student at Seikyou, Teiichi Niiya, can see her.

It's actually a pretty interesting story. While at first it seems like slice-of-life, with only a few hints at the real mystery - Yuuko's death - scattered here and there, midway through the show is when it starts to lay on the drama, mystery and horror. The last three episodes in particular are incredibly powerful - so much so that you could look back at the start of the show and wouldn't believe it's the same anime.


Animation in Tasogare is pretty solid throughout its run. The style is reminiscent of Studio Shaft anime - mainly because of the director, Oonuma Shin. It's especially evident during the darker moments of the school festival arc, and the way the school's "mysteries" are initially relayed to the audience. 

Colours are striking, especially when the anime moves into the late afternoon; the vibrant reds and oranges during these dusk moments are beautiful to watch


The soundtrack often fits the situation - bright and happy during the more fun moments (i.e. the festival), yet darker and more depressing during the deeper moments (i.e. the second half of the anime). One track in particular, Requiem, did an incredible job of stirring the emotions during the final episodes; it fit so beautifully that I was nearly moved to tears. Nearly.

The opening, Choir Jail, is up there as one of my favourite anime openings, fitting with the show's overall air of mystery. Likewise, the ending, Calendrier, is up there with my favourite ending themes, as its style is not something I hear often in anime, and is for me somewhat calming after the episode's events.

Voice actors did well as their characters. Tsubasa Yonaga fit Teiichi rather well, I think, and Eri Kitamura as Kirie was a better fit than I thought - at least when her character wasn't overacting.


Characters, for the most part, all had a part in the series. Yuuko, the titular amnesiac maiden, was initially very energetic and fun to watch - until the series goes on, which pushes her development into overdrive. Teiichi gets flustered easily, but eventually stands up to protect what he loves.

We even have a pseudo-antagonist in Yuuko Kirishima, who appears during the Seikyou Festival. However, once that's over, the focus moves onto the darker side of things.

Final thoughts

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, for me, was a very enjoyable watch from start to almost finish. I say "almost finish" because... well, look it up online if you wish to be spoiled. The beautiful visuals and deepening mystery will keep drawing you in with each passing episode, and becomes incredibly enthralling towards the end.

I'm not saying "watch it immediately", but this is one anime that was a joy to watch - bar the ending. At the very least, I would give this one a shot.

Story - 7.4

Animation - 8.9

Sound - 7.5

Characters - 6.9

Enjoyment - 7.0

FINAL SCORE - 7.54/10

7.4/10 story
8.9/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
6.9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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