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I'm a girl or that's what my birth certificate says i am
I'm currently questing on getting a life....care to donate to a poor girl? :?
I heart band geeks.
I'm a freak when it comes to manga.
Animals are my love.
I doodle every now and then. Nothing fancy.
Big words make me smile, even if I don't understand what they mean.
Vegetarian more like Junk Food-terian
I choose love over lust..
Friends play a big roll in my life.
People who think they're perfect bore me.
I have flaws...and damn proud of them.
I love scary movies, though there are no good one's now-a-days.
I love stupid songs.
I sing so badly out of tune, and I don't care.
Something about walking in the woods makes me smile.
I don't like Ohio.
I Hate Being Sterro-typed†
I like unnaturally-coloured hair.
I detest sleep.
Magicians do it better.
Please don't try to make me.
I love children's stuff.
Sometimes I wish I could kill people nilly willy. DON'T YOU? Doesn't everybody?
I wish my eyes were fully grey.
Biting people makes me feel good!
I'm going to adopt a baby from India.
Please don't try to make me
Some people don't know when to shut up. Seriously. Those people will get their crotch curbed.
I really like them random messages. And comments.
Gert dangit.
If you've read my list Thank you. Though I think you have too much. Time on your hands.
If it were up to me. Everyone would run around. Pantless and with striped knee-high socks. 'Cause that's what I want. Duhz.

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silverdreams Jun 15, 2010

Ooooo! I see you like a little shonen-ai as well. I've watched all of gravitation and I'm working on the manga. I haven't really gotten into Loveless yet though.

silverdreams Jun 15, 2010

I have very strong opinions when it's comes to anime pairings. Bleach, Naruto, etc. I've got everyone paired up (well almost everyone). I guess I'm just crazy.

silverdreams Jun 15, 2010

Yeah. I like happily ever afters. I get so frusterated with the shonen manga I read. More often then not I find myself thinking 'I know this is shonen but you need to get a clue! She/he likes you!'. heheh But Full Metal Alchemist had a pretty good ending so I'm happy (for now)

silverdreams Jun 15, 2010

o_O Wow. That's a bit... wow... I think I'm going to stick to my sparkly shoujo that stays sparkly shojo.

silverdreams Jun 15, 2010

Sure you can. If I was actually watching it I would say no, but I'm not so go ahead. I love rants and ranting.