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OmniscientAristocrat Mar 27, 2017

You're right about my numbers. Truthfully they aren't something I focus on in a review. I'll be sure to think more carefully about it in the future. Keijo certainly does not deserve a four. Thank you.

hunterxhuntersucks Apr 30, 2016

hunter x hunter is an anime about fights , but : 90% are made of dialogues like in a fucking talk show or a soap opera , 5% made of cowardly escapes of protagonists from their opponents , 3% is made of protagonists that are humiliated by their opponents , the last 2% is made of poor and really labored victories , that always cost the dignity or the health of the winner , seriously , this mangaanime only deserve to stop and be forgotten ; one more thing : after almost one year of pause ,this mangaka still have the disrespectful damn effrontery to do nothing but palm off the usual slew of dialogues ; the biggest humiliation suffered by that handicapped weak of gon , the decisive attack that allowed hisoka to win against him , hisoka said to gon something like: " look to the right " , and what gon decided to do ?? but of course he listened to hisoka , after all he is an opponent , so the most logic thing to do can only be to listen to him -.- , here is the moronic reasoning provided by the rotten brain of gon, something like : " hisoka is my enemy , so if he order me to do something , i have of course to...DO AS HE SAY , because naturally , listen to the order of my enemy is the most logic thing to do ,i mean is obvious , since he is my enemy , then if he tell me to do something , it can only be for my sake , so i absolutely have to listen to him " ; the protagonists and co-protagonists, including main enemies ,physically look like a bunch of side characters , they look pretty anonymous and sloppy -.- , ESPECIALLY gon -.- ; hisoka's standards : a loser that can't decently win a fight even when use all his strength and chose a fishing rod as weapon and a coward that can't be strong if not by stealing the power of other people , wow -.- ; the only occasion when leorio did something different than talk and run away , was during the meeting with the father of gon , and naturally , the only reason why he was able to punch him , is because ging , wasn't read for that hysteric reaction -.- ; but please , if some of you think that i am wrong , then show me all the enormous amount of fights , and i mean proper fights , because , the situation were someone become nuts and confuse himself for a Punching Bag ( gon ) , can't really be considered a fight ( but still , i can't blame him , every time he try to win a battle , he only get humiliations , or even worse , lose a part of his body , seriously , not even that transformation was enough to grant him a proper victory -.- )

thecrimsonclaw Dec 15, 2015

In terms of classic shows, "Akira" and "Trigun" are definitely must watches for any Anime fan, but I wouldn't consider them to be amazing examples of why retro shows are better overall (at least for me). "Serial Experiments Lain" is an absolute masterpiece of a show and should be watched by every Anime fan in my opinion. Sorry to hear you can't find it for legal streaming, although in this day and age, pirating a show as old as Lain wouldn't hurt, since the show no longer makes money due to how old it is.

I strongly disagree that any genre is "devoid of creativity". That's just stupid. Every genre has the potential to be creative, and saying otherwise is completely ridiculous. I also hate the whole "empowerment fantasy" argument that people throw at fans of shows. For example, I'm a huge fan of "Sword Art Online" and a lot of people think I like it because I project myself onto the main character because he's so "awesome" and "gets all the girls", but in reality, I just really enjoy "Sword Art Online", it's story and it's characters, and I've been a fan of it years before the Anime was even created, since I read and loved the novels years ago. Don't get me wrong, some people do watch shows as escapism and empowerment fantasy, but that's not why a show is ever created, and thinking so is silly. I agree with you there.

That's fair, but there's nothing wrong with pirating an older show. It's not exactly going to harm the industry or get you into trouble. The show is over a decade, or two, old. No one will care if you download it for free.

I agree, watching smaller shows is preferable to watching a long one (that's why I've stalled a lot of long shows for now), but "Gintama" isn't really in the same boat as the others. It's long and it's a Shonen Jump series, but it's not really a Shounen, it's basically like any other comedy series you would watch, only with a lot of references to pop culture and other Anime in a weird setting. There are some battle heavy stories that get really serious and dramatic with characters dying and some complex storytelling, but they only happen every 60 or so episodes. Granted though, they are fantastic in their own right, and make the comedy even more effective when it shows up.

Ouran is very hit or miss with it's humour, so I'm not sure if it's really for you or not. I'd recommend trying out at least the first 3 episodes and if you don't feel it by then, drop it =P

I agree, you don't have to be wildly different to do something great, but you shouldn't simply copy something else entirely, slap your own title on it, change the characters appearances and names and call it a day. You should work for your own success and create something that isn't entirely unique, but something that is different enough to be worth watching for those who have been Anime fans for a long time. That's just my thoughts though.

You know, I've never thought of it like that, and I have to say that's very true. Indeed, when a show worth watching does come out for me, I do enjoy it a hell of a lot more than I normally would. 

Don't get me wrong, despite all my complaining and cynicism I still love Anime as a medium. Like you said, I enjoyed Rokka, Danmachi, Jojo and various other shows from this year. Just because I rate a show low, doesn't mean I don't necessarily enjoy it either, I can still enjoy a flawed series for what it is: entertainment.

Looking at next season, I already know what the best show will be as well (for me), and I have hopes that with it, 2016 will be a far better year for the cynic I am =P We'll see!

Once again, interesting discussion! =D

thecrimsonclaw Dec 7, 2015

You are correct, I hadn't checked out your Anime list. I tend not to do so unless someone asks me to.

Well, that's fair enough. The thing with older Anime like Akira and Trigun isn't so much that they're "good" by todays standards, but that at the time they were the greatest achievements that could be accomplished with the limited budgets and financial trouble that industry was suffering from back then. But even if you strip away all of that, I still consider many of them to be better shows than what we see today. I agree that a lot of older shows are overhyped, I never thought Bebop was a good show to name one of several.

I totally accept that you have that mindset. That's totally fine. But I would like to make one thing very clear here: I don't dislike any genre in Anime.

Sure, I'm talking down Harems and Slice of Life, but that's not because I dislike the genre, it's because most shows I've seen from the genre recently haven't been doing anything that makes them worthy of praising. I don't look down on a show for being a Comedy, I look down on a show for being an aimless Comedy with no substance or actual meaningful thing going on.

Some examples:

- I love Gintama. It's primarily a comedy, yet it's not just random and aimless. It has an overarching plotline and the characters actually develop and change over the course of it's story. Yet, it still remains to be a funny show, in fact one of the funniest comedies I've ever seen from Anime.

- I liked Ouran Highschool Host Club, which was a reverse harem slice of life type show. I liked it because the characters grew in closeness and there was a sense of progression in the stories that were told. Sure, it was fairly episodic, but I could see past that because there was stuff going on beyond making you laugh or making you ship characters together.

I could continue, but I'd be here for a while. I don't dislike any genre of Anime, I just dislike shows that have no sense of purpose or progression.

To address your point about similarity in shows, it is a bad thing if shows are similar because we watch shows to get a brand new and unique viewing experience. If I see what is essentially the same show 5 times over, well, I'm going to be fed up. I'm going to get tired of the same thing over and over again. A good show doesn't step on the shoulders of something that came before it. A good show should reach high heights all on its own, without having to use something already successful as a stepping stone. It's not so much about disliking something I don't want to see more, or anything like that, it's more like, I'm watching X show to experience something fresh and exciting. To become engaged in a new world with new characters, to witness a story I know nothing about. But if X show is similar to Y show, it doesn't feel the same. I can normally guess where things are headed and nothing becomes a surprise any more. I work out things before they happen. I figure out where a character ends up. It gets tiresome.

That's certainly a good approach to episodic Anime, and I'd definitely do that myself as well. That doesn't take away the constant feeling of something not being right though. At least for me.

This is quite the interesting discussion though, if I do say so. It's nice to see and hear the other side of the spectrum whilst being able to keep the discussion healthy and clean.

thecrimsonclaw Dec 5, 2015

-Very late reply to your comment on my Hunter x Hunter review-

Well, that's a very lengthy discussion for an entirely separate piece of writing (which I intend to write about on my online blog I'm planning on starting up sometime soon), but I'm happy to give some of my brief thoughts to you on here.

Anime definitely needs to be saved. Not in terms of the industry making profits, but in terms of the route the industry itself is going down.

I feel that since 2007, the overall quality of Anime has began to lower each year. Before, every season had shows that were jam packed with epic stories, grand adventures and unique and interesting characters and beautifully crafted settings. But nowadays, most of that has been replaced with generic schools, overdone harems or the dreaded hellspawn I refer to as "cute girls doing cute things".

On top of this, most of the shows that would normally interest me, as simply reskins of something that's been done before. I mean, look how many "Sword Art Online" styled shows we get every season these days. There is a lack of epic things these days, and when they do show up, they tend to be something we've seen before.

Then we get the shows that start off interesting, like "Death Parade", only to wind up being nothing more than a "good idea" that did nothing with its potential.

That's the reason why Hunter x Hunter, Parasyte and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are recent series that stood out: because they were based on Manga that came out years ago, before the industry settled into this mindset of making what sells, instead of making what is compelling and artistic.

This doesn't apply to everything, some titles like Rokka no Yuusha and World Trigger are doing a great job, and are more than just good ideas. They have excellent storytelling and are "epic" for lack of a better word.

That's why Anime needs to be saved. It needs to be liberated from school life and moe stuff. It needs to have some new and creative energy thrown into the works to forge brand new and interesting shows that are more than just good ideas or reskins.

This is all just my own personal opinion though. I'm well aware that for most, Anime has never been better, and it's totally fine with me for people to think so. But for a long time fan such as myself, who's been avidly watching and collecting Anime for over a decade, I just feel differently.

2016 looks like it'll be great though! We have more Jojo, more Seven Deadly Sins, more Attack on Titan and more importantly less moe! Roll on 2016!

That's the gist of it though. I hope it was a good read for you. Sorry if I went overboard =P