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Trinity Blood

16 FEB

Anime in 200 Words: Trinity Blood

Premise: An impoverished priest gets pulled into a conflict between the Vatican and a nation of vampires. If things don’t change soon, it’ll mean war, but who’s really pulling the strings?

Abel: I like him, despite the huge personality shifts he has. On the surface, it looks too big to be believable, but his serious moments make me think that the loud, awkward personality is a mask. After all, what better disguise could a dangerous man use than that of a fool? No one watches idiots for signs of cunning.

Vampires: I’m not gonna lie; I LOVED the concept of Crusniks. The primary reason, however, is not the crusniks themselves, but the transformation of the average vampires from predators into prey. Take that, vile beasts! ^_^

Religion: It’s a bit odd to me that Catholicism is mixed up in this, especially because there are scenes where the Pope and a few Cardinals discuss LAUNCHING MISSILES. Missiles. From the Vatican. That’s just funny.

Overall: Trinity Blood makes me laugh simply because it was so different from what I was expecting. It caught me off guard and still brings a smile to my face. Two thumbs up.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 9/10
  • Animation 9.5/10
  • Sound 8.5/10
  • Characters 9.5/10
  • Overall 9/10


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