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Shugo Chara!

16 FEB

Anime in 200 Words: Shugo Chara!
Premise: Amu is a young girl who has trouble expressing herself and is widely admired for her stoic and aloof demeanor. Inside her heart, however, live several dream selves, and when they physically manifest, the adventure begins!
Guardian Characters: These floating chibis are possible selves, and they embody their owner’s desired traits. It’s odd that Amu has four.
Character Change: Several characters can chara change, which causes an accessory to appear and grants them their guardian character’s personality. Useful for small problems (shyness, cleaning, sports, etc.) The person and their character are still distinct beings.
Character Transformation: Amu is unique because she can use this ability to merge with her shugo charas and gain new attacks. For example, when she’s transformed into Amulet Heart, Amu and Ran are one being, and Amu can use the “Spiral Heart” attack.
Romance: There’s a little love triangle with Amu, Ikuto, and Tadase. I ship Amuto- it’s meant to be (lock + key).
Overall: Shugo Chara! is a refreshing magical girl anime. Things are more complicated, the art is sleek and bright, and the message is “believe in yourself” not “teamwork/love will save the world!” I loved it. ^_^

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