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Anime in 200 Words: Ouran High School Host Club
Premise: A common girl gets into a prestigious school on a scholarship but quickly becomes indebted to a host club. Haruhi begins as the club’s dog but ends up as a full-fledged host in order to pay off her debt.
Characters: I can’t help it; I love these guys. I know they’re stereotypes, but so do THEY, and the knowledge that they’re all being manipulative underneath the perfect exteriors makes me happy.
Gender Roles: Ouran High School Host Club has a lot of fun with situations that threaten Haruhi’s secret identity. There’s also quite a bit of cross-dressing, but it’s innocent.
Daddy!: Tamaki’s desire to mask his feelings as parental ones is a bit creepy to me, but I’ve never really understood daddy/baby/mama pet names in romantic relationships, so it could just be me.
Fourth Wall: Things like the blinking arrow ALWAYS get to first-time watchers. It’s almost funny to watch THEM try to figure out what’s happening.
Overall: Ouran High School Host Club was a thoroughly entertaining show for me, and because I’m a sucker, I loved the ending. I highly recommend this show to others. It’s sweet. ^_^

9.5/10 story
10/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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DuskFey Feb 16, 2012

I gave a show a perfect score... this feels weird, and wrong somehow. :-/