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Magic Knight Rayearth

Manga in 200 Words: Magic Knight Rayearth
Premise: Three normal girls are transported into a fantasy world, and given magic powers that they must use to save the world. Together, they grow stronger and learn how to work as one.
Magical Girl: I like these powers because the girls actually look like warriors for once. Granted, they’re greco-roman style warriors with really ornate gear, but at least they’re wearing armor and wielding *gasp!* ACTUAL WEAPONS!
Powers: It’s a simple formula: tank, dps, and cleric, but it works for a reason. I appreciate the separation of powers over generic teamwork attacks. This approach shows WHY teamwork is necessary.
Quest: Magic Knight Rayearth feels darker than Sailor Moon, for example, like there actually is something at risk during these fights. Mahou shoujo can easily become formulaic (secondary characters fight the enemy until the heroine can deliver the death bl- I mean, the sparkly finishing move), but I think this manga avoids that path.
Overall: I like Magic Knight Rayearth because it really felt like it was about the quest and the battles instead of the costumes and teh boyz!!!1 Check it out if you want magical girls and some real action.

7/10 story
6.5/10 art
7.5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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