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Galaxy Angel


Anime in 200 Words: Galaxy Angel

Premise: There’s a squad of skilled young women assigned to search for the Lost Technology. Unfortunately, no one knows where it was lost or even what it was, so they end up traveling all over doing odd jobs for people instead.

Humor: Galaxy Angel relies upon a mix of the unexpected and the ridiculous to cause laughter. You never know where the girls are going to be or what they’ll end up doing in the next episode, so there’s plenty of random humor.

Characters: All the girls are different, each with a very obvious strength. The perks, in my opinion, are the hidden traits. An unexpected fear, a secret hobby… they make me laugh. Keep in mind that no one is really well rounded here, but watching Random anime for character development doesn’t work well.

Missions: I’ve no idea how most of these jobs are actually supposed to help find the Lost Technology, but I do enjoy watching the Angel Brigade in distress. Don’t take them too seriously, and you’ll be a happy camper.

Overall: While not as random as other shows, Galaxy Angel is a good source of entertainment. I support this anime. :)

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User Review Scores

  • Story 5/10
  • Animation 5.5/10
  • Sound 5.5/10
  • Characters 6/10
  • Overall 5.5/10


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