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Angelic Layer

Sep 3, 2010

Manga in 200 Words: Angelic Layer

Premise: A young girl discovers an amazing game and with the help offered by a crazy stranger, she joins the game herself. Misaki is determined to be the best.

Game: Why is this an exclusively female game? It’s sold in a store called “Piffle Princess,” so I know why guys don’t go buy the angels. The name “angel” isn’t masculine either. The problem is that if a robotic battling game came out, I think boys would DEFINITELY play it.

The Prince: He doesn’t count in the last section. If questioned, he can give a very good excuse for why he’s playing this game and where he got his gear.

Training: There isn’t any. A few sets of rules, but compared to Megaman NT Warrior and the like, Misaki and Hikaru learn absurdly fast!

Challenges: Again, there aren’t any. This rookie team never has to struggle for a win; as soon as she figures out the secret to the battle, she can win, even if she’s only got 5 HP left.

Overall: This isn’t a very good sci-fi battle series. Misaki wins far too easily, and there’s no development over time. Consider skipping this one.

3.5/10 story
6.5/10 art
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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bijanabrahim Dec 20, 2013

i wouldn't rate this that high either. While I enjoyed her victories and the funny characters there wasn't really any growth which left me disappointed. And the reason why thr mother went away was fricking ridiculous. If you really want to read this watch the anime it's a lot better.

ThePatches Sep 3, 2010

Booo! You demand too much of a 5-volume manga!

Angelic Layer is a little more lighthearted and unserious, so I enjoyed it heartily (I own it and have read it half a dozen times), but you're correct, measured against works that really focus on their sci-fi combat in a more "realistic" manner (does that even apply to something like Megaman NT Warrior, or Angelic Layer?), I can see how you can find this title lacking.