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Manga in 200 Words: Cowa!

Premise: Young monsters realize that something bad is happening to their friends and family. The Monster Flu is making everyone sick, and without the medicine, everyone will die. Paifu, a half-vampire half-werekoala, and José, a ghost, must find a way to save their town before it’s too late!

Audience: Young boys. Elementary age? It really seems like a pre-pubescent manga, because Toriyama isn’t using any dirty humor like he did in Dragon Ball. (Yes, that Dragon Ball.)

Art: It’s very true to Toriyama’s style, but the lack of muscles and fireballs may be a bit off-putting for some.

Supernatural Elements: The werekoala thing is strange, but handled fairly well. Of course, the fact that no one tells you what Paifu is until after he transforms makes the first appearance a bit unsettling. (That’s not a wolf… is it a bear?) Just a side-note, I didn’t spoil anything by telling you about Paifu; it’s on the back of the volume.

Plot: It’s a simple and immature story, and it promotes dishonesty if it produces results. Think mischief, not manipulation.

Overall: Not much there, but decent quality for what is given. Cowa! is definitely best for children.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 5/10
  • Art 5/10
  • Characters 5/10
  • Overall 5/10


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