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The Legend of Chun Hyang


Manga in 200 Words: Legend of Chun Hyang

Premise: Based on a Korean folktale, this story follows a feisty young woman determined to stand up to the corrupt leader of her village. Chun Hyang holds onto hope that the Am-Hang-Osa, the highest-ranking government official, will find their village and set things right.

Art: As expected on CLAMP, all the people all lean and tall with detailed clothing. The highlight of this volume is, without a doubt, the rain dance of the priestesses. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Action: There are some pretty solid fights in here, and the way that magic and enchanted weapons are woven into the cultural fabric is exquisite.

Romance: The connection between Chun Hyang and Mong Ryong doesn’t fully develop in this volume. Their relationship, or the hint of it that we see, reminds me of Sango and Miroku in InuYasha, though I think Chun Hyang uses violence a bit too easily.

Overall: I wish there was more here! One volume is not enough to really appreciate the growing love, but the manga that’s presented here is amazing. A few more volumes, and Legend of Chun Hyang may well have been one of my favorite manga series ever.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8.5/10
  • Art 7.5/10
  • Characters 8/10
  • Overall 8/10


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