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Excel Saga

Jul 14, 2010

Anime in 200 Words: Excel Saga

Premise: Excel Saga is a parody of all things anime. The main plot revolves around a secret agency trying to take over the city (and eventually, the world). Throughout the series, various sub-plots and characters weave in and out of focus.

Hazards: Poop humor, jokes about pedophilia, sexual situations, etc. Because Excel Saga’s trying to push the envelope on what’s permissible, there are lots of things that might bother you.

Perks: The Daitenzen (a Power Rangers spoof) and one of the early episodes in which Excel rips off some classic Sailor Moon stock footage make me laugh. The constant reinterpretation of the show as a different genre is amusing as well.

Gags: They’re so integral to the show that the episode that doesn’t include them seems foreign. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to them.

Overall: You can’t really jump into the middle of Excel Saga and expect to understand what’s going on. Granted, if you’re willing to roll with the random switches between plots and accept that some things won’t make sense, you should be able to enjoy this show. It all depends on how much you enjoy teenage boy style humor.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
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6/10 overall
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