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Anime in 200 Words: Naruto: Konoha Sports Festival

Premise: Poop humor. Remember that early episode when Naruto’s expired milk costs him a kiss with Sakura? If you loved it, this special is for you. Oh yeah, and there’s a ninjutsu-fueled track and field day.

Characters: The genin from the Leaf Village plus the three sand genin. I have no clue why the sand ninja are at an event for Leaf Village ninja, but they are.

Audience: People who watched Naruto, though they don’t need to be further than the Chunin Exams in order to know everyone.

Plausibility: The sports festival is over the top. I can’t believe that people would actually force Naruto to compete in these events without ever letting him take care of a basic human need. Just saying.

Perks: Some of the events are entertaining, and if you like watching Naruto suffer or seeing him come close to his goal then watch it torn away, then you’ll enjoy how many different things happen to the poor boy in this.

Overall: This special is 60% poop humor, 40% ninjas doing cool stuff. Your gut reaction to that balance should tell you if you’ll laugh or not. Good luck!

0.5/10 story
5/10 animation
9/10 sound
3/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Jsrf38 Jul 17, 2011

Also, why would Itachi and Kisame be standing in line for the bathroom?...More importantly, why was the Fourth Hokage walking around?...ALIVE!?

In my own opinion, I thought the OVA was actually pretty funny, although your review does hit its points right on the head.

Good Job on the review.

DuskFey May 28, 2010

*This review's scores don't actually average out to the overall score. I just couldn't blame the score for being a part of this OVA. It really is good music. Likewise, it wasn't the images or the characters that burned my brain. It was the story. If I could make it negative to balance out the 13 point difference, I would!*