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Adidas Manga Fever

16 FEB

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following review is only for one story in the anthology, but I have no desire to read the whole thing, as I don't like sports manga. For a list of the full contents, click here.

Manga in 150 Words: Adidas Fever - Those Who Will Never Return

Why 150? It’s a one shot.

Disclaimer: Contains SPOILERS. Adidas Fever is too short to avoid them. After all, the title even alludes to the plot twist.

Premise: A girl goes to a soccer stadium by herself to reminisce about her two dead friends.

Characters: No one is really well-defined, but that comes with one shot territory. Of course, it doesn’t help that once I start to care about people, I find out that they’re dead.

Mood: Melancholy, but also hollow. It didn’t really grab me.

Plot: There really isn’t much of one. My premise sentence actually covered all of it, even the surprise ending.

Overall: Adidas Fever isn’t great. On one hand, it’s too short to be great, but on the other, there are one shots which left a stronger impression on me, even with space constraints.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 3/10
  • Art 4.5/10
  • Characters 4.5/10
  • Overall 4/10


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