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Lonewulf56 Jun 27, 2010

Hey you,

I think any of them are fine, as long as its swoosh, id be happy with any of them :)

AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

oh..well..tat's fine. i just dnt like how most anime websites use MegaVid...cuz megavid only let u watch for 72 minutes...then u have to wait a long time....but i'm on flash player, megavid, n yea...not watchin anime on those sites...but animes on from those sites...the vid..u get it?

AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

yea.....but no...u dnt take off credits...u just gtta watch all the way to the end! :) n yes....but i prefer EVERY single character that weren't NCP's (something like that..computer programmed) to be in the following season...

AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

OK!! :) wait...r u trying to make me cry again? *snifflez*   oh..u have places where u watch anime...other than youtube?

AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

Thanks!! yea...i felt sad for Otonashi-kun!! :( *sniffffffffffffflez* tho...at least Otonashi confessed to Kanade-chan....but where the green hair guy disappeared....i got sad.....