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yasmin09 Sep 12, 2010

Thanks for the recommendations! I adored Special A and I will definitely have to try Spice and Wolf. I keep hearing good reviews about it and it's on my Want to Watch list so I really need to try it when I'm not so swamped that is ^^ By the way, huge fan of Toradora!, Skip Beat, and OHSHC as well XP

ThePatches Sep 6, 2010

Hehe. I'm glad you took my comment on your Angelic Layer review in the best possible way. It was one of the few times in recent memory that I posted a comment on a review as myself and not "ThePatches: site reviewer and character moderator", and I was worried that I'd sent the wrong message.

Despite my affection for the manga, I think your points about internal coherence are pretty novel and I'd never considered many of them before (I tend to accept a lot at face-value when encountering entertainment like this). So, I think it's great that you're taking my friendly ribbing in stride and are trying to elevate your game.

Keep at it!

deideiblueeyez Aug 30, 2010

You watched ALL of the Naruto fillers without hating it at the end?




YOU. Are. God!!! (bows down before almighty) Damn you are a true fan! :D

And 50 episodes in 48 hours? (does math) That doesn't add up right O_o

I bet you skimmed ._.

But no matter, you ROCK!! :D

yasmin09 Jul 25, 2010

I am a fan of your top anime list. Skip Beat is pretty great as is OHSHC and Toradora. Tried Trinity Blood but got confused half-way through and am currently wondering whether I really wanna finish it or not.

sothis Jul 22, 2010

Hey Duskfey,

I know I had said to not submit descriptions, but wanted to give a heads up that ones like this are really good: http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/completed-character-submissions/54001-complete-spencer-hale-pokemon-movie-3-submitted-duskfey.html

Of course, main characters may need more info, but this one was well written for sure - I literally didn't edit it at all. The Fairy Musketeers ones weren't as easy to work with but if you can write ones like Spencer's, they'd be a breeze :)

So what I suggest is, if there's more popular series that you think you can write char descrips for, try it on for size. Mainly it's just tough for moderators when it's rare series, if a person isn't trained already... as the mods can't easily confirm. But if you want to get up to speed on descrips (something few people are able to do), submitting them for popular series means it'll be easier to confirm and give feedback :)