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Samus says...

I've been pretty devoted to DC since I was a kid, I had some Archive Edition hardcovers that I read over and over again. I got a little more into Marvel in high school, but I've been much more interested in Top Shelf and assorted indie books lately.

And Vertigo too, though that's technically DC too. Some of my favorite books of all time are Vertigo titles. What publishers do you tend toward?

Oct 2, 2010
therik says...

Looks like someone enjoyed Potemayo ^_^


Oct 2, 2010
Lonewulf56 says...

Hey There,

I guess thats a likewise haha. I havn't been on much so I just read your comment now. I actually finished collage not that long ago and I know what its like to be stressed out and working alot. Some nights I actually slept at school to finish projects and stuff. But i'm happy i'm finished now haha. You actually taking a major or just a few experience classes?

Sep 13, 2010
yasmin09 says...

Thanks for the recommendations! I adored Special A and I will definitely have to try Spice and Wolf. I keep hearing good reviews about it and it's on my Want to Watch list so I really need to try it when I'm not so swamped that is ^^ By the way, huge fan of Toradora!, Skip Beat, and OHSHC as well XP

Sep 12, 2010
ThePatches says...

Hehe. I'm glad you took my comment on your Angelic Layer review in the best possible way. It was one of the few times in recent memory that I posted a comment on a review as myself and not "ThePatches: site reviewer and character moderator", and I was worried that I'd sent the wrong message.

Despite my affection for the manga, I think your points about internal coherence are pretty novel and I'd never considered many of them before (I tend to accept a lot at face-value when encountering entertainment like this). So, I think it's great that you're taking my friendly ribbing in stride and are trying to elevate your game.

Keep at it!

Sep 6, 2010