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Blackbirdwake says...

oops, sorry, haven't been on in a while...I don't actually remember how I uploaded my avatar and they've actually changed some stuff since I joined...sorry...I'll let you kno if i find out.

Dec 21, 2009
Omurqi says...

Well, there isn't much to say about the first one. As long as you keep moving, you will get better. As long as you keep that in mind, what others think about it starts to matter less, or thats how it works for me.

The second one depends entirely on what kind of person you are. Basically, give everyone you want to meet a chance, since there's more to everyone than what first meets the eye. Maybe it's because I'm fairly open about my own issues and whatnot, but people open up easier if you want to talk and listen to them seriously.

Have you released / put online any of your stories btw? I'd love to read some of them ^_^

Dec 19, 2009
KiyoneSaya says...

Glad I could be of help.

Dec 15, 2009
Sunagan says...

Haha, you must do what you want ^_^ I was stubborn enough as well to push through the shitload of filler :), but be prepared for a lot of mediocrity and vicious attacks on your will of perseverance ;)!

In fact, i have been writing fantasy stories too, since about my 11th. My younger brother is a huge fan, but I've almost completely stopped writing the past few years. It might be a good idea to pick it up again in due time... :D


Dec 4, 2009
Sunagan says...

Haha, now I must say I'm starting to feel really curious about the dream you want to achieve ^_^... I used to have really unrealistic dreams when I was younger, that's all gone now xD (not the dreams, the unrealism, lol). Naruto certainly has the capacity of giving its viewers intriguing mind food, i myself found the relation between gaara and naruto and also neji's vs naruto's view on life particularly interesting :)!

P.S. I only hope you'll take care to skip ep 137 all through 219, then watch 220 and start shippuuden, if you don't want to burden yourself with 80 episodes of thrash fillers.

Take Care ;)!

Dec 3, 2009