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Sunagan says...

Aaaahhhh but you know a lot of people started out hating one piece ^_^... It took me til ep 50 til i could tolerate the art style and until further til i even started to like it... I was sooo close to dropping it all the time til ep 37 or so.. My one piece love had the rockiest start i ever had with anime ^_^. I can say only one thing: show perseverance and you will be rewarded xD!

Jan 6, 2010
Sunagan says...

Haha, lol at the inuyasha comment ^_^... It's funny but the more anime i watch the more i recognize when looking at other people's watching lists, like Toradora and stuff like that (*aware of the total obviousness and uselessness of this comment*). You seem to be doing well with naruto... I always thought bleach was about the closest you could get to naruto, so once you're fed up with naruto you do have somewhere else to go ^_^... *totally loving shounen and drooling over naruto, bleach, one piece and hajime no ippo*...

Jan 6, 2010
Omurqi says...

I'd love to know when you put something up, let me know! ;)

Dec 23, 2009
Sunagan says...

Hi! How are you doing at the moment ;)? If I'm not mistaken you have updated your profile recently, nice! Haha, I think there are indeed a lot of people on AP who will happily call themselves otaku (including me, although even I went through a fase of denial first... I'm particularly obsessed with anime and japanese, not with the calligraphy and flower arranging stuff, hehe) ^_^!

I've tried to update my profile too, and it's getting really nice although it's so long that i fear nobody will have the courage to read it anymore, meh! Anyway, i have two good recommendations for you :)! Clannad and Clannad After Story both have romance, drama, and some mystery/fantasy elements to it. Clannad After Story was the first anime to seriously make me cry...

Oh, and I see you've got inuyasha stalled xD. In fact i rushed through the series till about ep 100, then i got extremely bored and waited 2 month until i could get myself to slowly keep watching until it got interesting again around 135 (LOL). I know how you feel xD.


Dec 23, 2009
Blackbirdwake says...

oops, sorry, haven't been on in a while...I don't actually remember how I uploaded my avatar and they've actually changed some stuff since I joined...sorry...I'll let you kno if i find out.

Dec 21, 2009