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RingoStarr1991 says...

Hello just read your review of Angel Beats! and I couldn't agree more. Drop by my channel to chat it up if you feel like it :D

-Awesome Drummer

Dec 1, 2011
leilonii says...

yeah well once you watch it youll see why. you will be like omg i cant belive what i was missing by not watching it. so i looked at the animetion and thought it looked so cheesy then i read about it and the story sounded genaric but i got bored so i watched it and i did not stop whatching it until i watched every episode it was great

Nov 12, 2011
leilonii says...

so i just saw that you did not watch princess tutu yet kay so it may look weird but i bet that if you watched it you would rate it a least a 4 it was so smarrtly crafted omg it was so good this anime was almost perfect not like happy ending perfect but it was crafted so greatly so you should really think about watching it its one of the best animes ive ever seen

Oct 16, 2011
Sunagan says...

How are you doing lately :-)? Seen any interesting series or too busy with work?


Apr 5, 2011
Lonewulf56 says...


[email protected] is the email is the email i used for facebook and just so you get the right guy its Sheldon mcCarthy Jenkins

Jan 10, 2011