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AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

Thanks!! yea...i felt sad for Otonashi-kun!! :( *sniffffffffffffflez* tho...at least Otonashi confessed to Kanade-chan....but where the green hair guy disappeared....i got sad.....

AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

yea...i know wat the endin is like!! :) BUT I WISH THERE WAS A SECOND SEASON!!!!!!!! like u know...where they do all the characters in the human world (like at the end) n they show how they each meet each other once again!! 

AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

ahaha!! :D tat's a very nice excuse..."there's dust." ahaha....well...i cried to n i had 2 lie to me bro...

when u say part..u mean episode 2 or like the last episode pt. 2?

AnimeKidd Jun 27, 2010

Your Welcom!!!! :) have u watched the anime Angel Beats?

Esper26 Jun 24, 2010

You have a Graet profile!