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Angelic Layer Synopsis


Synopsis: After moving to Tokyo, Masaki discovers a popular game called Angelic Layer, and With a little help from an odd scientist, she creates her own robotic angel named Hikaru. Before she can catch her breath, Misaki and Hikaru are entered into a local tournament. Thanks to Hikaru's speed and Misaki's keen eyes, they make it to the semi-finals, but if Misaki can't find her angel's weakness in time, she'll never win the Angelic Layer crown. Can the perky rookie handle the pressure or will Hikaru be torn apart before her eyes?

Tags: A.L. feels more like shoujo to me, but otherwise, tags are fine.

Basis: Covers 2 of 5 volumes. I've read all 5.

URL: http://www.anime-planet.com/manga/angelic-layer

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