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10 Life Lessons from Naruto

28 FEB

Never give up. Be nice to the weird kid; he might save you one day. Everyone needs comrades. Being quiet and surly will make you absurdly po... read more

Going Legit

12 JAN

Let's face it- piracy is a way of life for a lot of anime and manga fans. It's easy, it's fast, and you can get want you want from your home without ... read more

10 Life Lessons from Furuba

24 JUL

Everyone has a secret. Misfits attract other misfits. If you're going to be a ditz, have scary friends. Not even monsters are really monster... read more


27 JAN

You know, it doesn't seem to matter which series I watch, but Goku never ceases to amaze me. The odds are almost always impossible; normal people woul... read more

Shounen Restarts

16 JAN

This is just a list of how far I am in a few shounen shows that I caught part of a while ago but decided to watch, probably out of Naruto withdrawl. ... read more

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