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About myself eh? I'm 20, female, apparently prone to death glares, and some words that would describe me would be: fiery, blunt, quiet, optimistic/realistic, over-confident, headstrong and (sometimes to my dismay '-_-) shy. I enjoy gaming (such as the infamous World of Warcraft, Pokemon, Zelda, Okami, Skyrim, Swtor ect. ect.) and drawing (mainly animal-esque things :P).

In terms of anime/manga I general tend to veer toward shounen-esque (though I've long ago deviated from the "big three"), but sometimes I engage in other genres (though I tend to avoid horror and most mechas). I usually steer clear of any story that is too heavy-hearted or just generally creepy/dark/o_Owtf (hence the aversion to the popular Death Note and Code Geass).

Also. I've recently made a deviantart account, it hasn't gotten much use but you're free to look at it if you're curious or something. The name is Dusklightning.

Also, I've given up on even checking if half the manga/one-shots I've read are in the database, so yeah, they're not listed here. :l

But to keep personal tabs, the ongoing ones I'm interested in are currently: Kaizoku to Ningyo.

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