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I only judge anime within my boundaries.  Meaning, if I am not fond of a style or genre, I simply don't say anything of it.  My dropped list consists of any anime that either didn't appeal to me or that I didn't enjoy, but most would be better categorized as 'won't watch' rather than as 'dropped'.  I generally stick to watching more serious anime geared towards either adults or teenagers which aren't too heavy on romance, drama, or silliness, but I do still try to give everything a fair chance before giving up on them.

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Slimek Apr 13, 2013

Thanks for your response, I greately appreciate it. I can finally watch another installment to my favourite series. I don't mind torrenting if it's the only way of watching the show, so thanks again.

Slimek Mar 15, 2013

Hi, I read your blog that suggests the viewing order of LotGH, it mentions the Spiral Labyrinth. I've been looking for this title for a while now, unable to find it, I'd like to ask where you managed to watch it.

sothis Mar 14, 2011

Oh man, if you like survival/horror too, I have many epic suggestions for you :) it literally is my fav type of genre. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Definitely start with hotel, 40 pages, super quick. Just remember when reading manga it's read the reverse way - right to left. Let me know!

PS: I'm also in the chat room if you want more suggestions or want to disucss it as you read :p

sothis Mar 14, 2011

I saw your posts to Vivi, just wanted to put in my two cents about manga. I had zero desire to read any of it but once I read this: http://www.anime-planet.com/manga/hotel I changed my mind. it's only 40 pages, easy to find, and i strongly suggest checking it out if you're into sci fi.

What i've liked about manga so far is the quantity of interesting themes that flat out dont exist much in anime. Survival/horror (especially realistic survival situations) is my favorite, and there's a good chunk of manga out there about it (same with pandemic type manga - very rare in anime).

In the sci fi vein there's just as much interesting stuff - I'm currently reading one called Saturn Apartments (i need to put up a synop still) that is a DEAD RINGER for the planetes manga (i might add, the planetes manga is VERY different in tone/feel than the anime, it's a lot better/more isolated/etc).

Anyways, yeah - as a challenge, go read Hotel, then if you got as hooked as me, I have some other selective suggestions ;)

VivisQueen Mar 14, 2011

Hey there, dude. Thanks for your comments. I may one day check out Moonlight Mile if I'm ever in that mood, but honestly, Planetes ruined anybody else's attempts at portraying realistic science to me. And yes, Caska is a gem of a character. Shame the manga stopped making good use of her such a long, long time ago. If you're not reading it, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon - before the new anime comes out.