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I like anime and games. and am 420 friendly ^.^

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FullmetalHeart1 Sep 19, 2013

I've actually read abit of the BloodLad Manga in one of my Otaku USA magazines and I thought it was quite interesting, so I'll definitely give the Anime a go.

FullmetalHeart1 Sep 18, 2013

Finished Hellsing Ultimate and I would rate it a 4/5 I loved everything about it but I wish it was longer, and the ending left me wanting more.My most favorite characters are Alucard, Anderson, Hellsing, and Bernadotte.I was also wanting to know more about Alucard, and you know I was surprised about the humor in this show I laughed so much.By the way what website do you use to watch Anime? I watched it on my PS3 on Youtube and sometimes the quality gets bad when alot is happening, but still had a damn good time, wow so much typing lol.

FullmetalHeart1 Aug 31, 2013

I just started Hellsing Ultimate and I'm already loving it!

FullmetalHeart1 Aug 5, 2013

About Gintama I've only seen the first two episodes but so far I think Gintoki is badass and my friend says that he is his favorite Anime character.

FullmetalHeart1 Aug 5, 2013

Hey but I thought you hated Edward now you love him well he's my favorite Anime character so that's cool :)