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Sword Art Online

Jan 30, 2013

Sword Art Online is one of the over most over hyped and overrated piece of shit this year but for the sake of the fans who believe and will do all their best to protect this series, I'll refrain myself from trashing the show like a bitch (I might have failed that) and prove my points more objectively.


I'm just going to assume you already know what the premise of Sword Art Online is and I can say right now that it is nothing original at all. Why did it receive so much hype? Was it because of the 'oh awesome dude with big swords and girls with big boobs come to him' because the premise is interesting but no where near as attractive as everyone makes it look. And I was only interested in a 'survival death game trap with lots of cool fights and plot twists.' Not a 'Oh lets have an overpowered idiot with a shitty inconsistent personality have his own harem in a video game.' Not to mention how they delivered the plot with an absolutely horrible pace to it. A time skip with 2000 deaths off screen? Oh yeah that extremely sad and tragic isn't it? Maybe it would have been if we actually saw the deaths and they actually gave us time to reflect and be sad. The MMO looks nice? Oh yeah we'll have a loli girl summon a familiar for one episode then the rest of the series will never have anything to do with the summoning basis at all. Oh yeah we'll have a few episodes showing cooking skills and forging items and shit and never explain them properly or bring them back at all. We'll make the bosses not respawn so they can easily, easily beat the game with no casualties whatsoever. Oh yeah we'll have an annoying tsundere bitch who falls in like a cheesey romance and get fucking married in a game? The whole idea is the built upon the MMO basis, the make the environment vibrant and vivid, to give consistent game features that make the whole game unique, to make the game feel real, to tie all plot holes and questions so that everything can be understood. Where is the sense of danger and survival? Why are all the fights so predictable and fast? These are amateur errors which a director without a brain could figure out and correct. Lets build character relationship by having one girl being introduced in the beginning of an episode, and DYING at the end of it. What? Really? Oh yeah I feel so sorry for the girl who died after I met her for 20 minutes. The show fails to bring any emotions WHATSOEVER so if you felt sad for any of the characters or excited because of anything you are basically an idiot. Oh and the incest was the most unnecessary piece EVER since all the stupid cousin was was a flying fairy with giant boobs.


The art wasn't bad but, nothing super impressive for the time it was aired and the animation was also pretty bad. In fact, there’s one scene where its just a still picture of the tsundere bitch holding a sword and all there is is flashing green lights. Nothing amazing, nothing TOO terrible either. It wasn't like the fights looked that amazing as well. The backgrounds were quite good and the locations were pretty nice but other than that its nothing special.


Nothing special, songs weren't bad, the osts became repetitive and sooner or later lost its epicness (especially with the piece of fail on the screen.)


It is already bad enough that the main character is super overpowered. But seriously what’s up with his personality jumps in the beginning? One episode he's all dark and emo and the next he's all brave and wise. And how much more cliché can this character get? He runs around, yell, beat things, saves girls and cries. WHAT IS SO NEW ABOUT THAT? 'Oh its my fault they died' How cliché can that get? 'Oh I am now a solo player forever and super depressed' seriously it's so stupid, unrealistic and really unloveable for the audience. The only good character was Klein and that was probably because he was the “best friend” character that was rarely bought out, and was only bought out in random moments for a few seconds. The only reason I thought he was good was probably because we barely even saw anything about him.


I hate this, its shit. I'm not going to stop other people from liking it. You can like it if you want, I won't have anything against you. I may have been harsh in this rant, but I hope even the fans of the series get some of my points. Like what you want, its your own opinion. Respect mine and I'll respect yours. Thanks.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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the very first episode had it looking really promising and than from 2 onward...trash...

too much jumping around, important stuff isn't even shown on-screen, the one sided fights didn't deliver sort of rush or anything usually associated with the type of situation; some characters literally introduced/dead within the span of 15 minutes

"Sword Art Online is one of the over most over hyped and overrated piece of shit this year but for the sake of the fans who believe and will do all their best to protect this series, I'll refrain myself from trashing the show like a bitch (I might have failed that) and prove my points more objectively."  LOL c:

Esper26 Mar 11, 2013

This is an anime like Elfen Lied you Love or Hate it there is no in between.

masterbias Feb 19, 2013

Your opinions are being guinly bad and are not obejctive. You mention that they don't explain the cooking part? Seriously who would want to watch a shit load about cooking skills which has nothing to do with the real story line. Must be exhausting hating everything about the anime.

It's looks that you expected that the whole anime was built up like an mmorpg, and we should see everything that can and cannot be done. Really? Then SAO should be a 250+ anime.

Please explain which plotholes that you're talking about, because it all gets explained pretty good. And i think that the character progress was pretty good. It certently held me entertained. But I'm being an idiot then? He didn't really have a harem, and if you've seen a harem anime, they pretty much ends in nothingness, and the main progranist doesn't get miraged either.

TD;LR You're not rating objectivly and my guess is that you expected so much, and when you didn't get it. you cried for 40 days and night like a little bitch, and you wrote this review. It's so bad. I can point out a lot more. But if you really feel like taking a disussion, just do it. Ill respond.

kio3459 Feb 4, 2013

LOL.. nice review.. Look Im pretty much with you (I rated the show 3 stars).. In fact I was "OK" with SAO in the beginning of the anime.  I liked the fact that if they actually died in the video game they would die in real life, but when they took that out of the equation I was like, whats the point?  The 2nd half of the series didnt have the epic feeling from the beginning..  Removing the consequences of death was a huge blow/mistake.

Thats where SAO lost me.  I also had a problem with pace of the relationship of Kirito and Asuna.. It happened too fast/there wasnt a build up. So when it happened I kinda just shrugged my shoulders.. and do even get me started with Asuna becoming a helpless housewife.

SAO was ok.. Its interesting to see the rank and love that SAO is recieving to say the least.. Am I the only that is seeing comments deleted?  I feel like if anyone questions or says anything negative about SAO the MODs will come after you.