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I'm still a n00b at this when comparing myself to most of the people on the site, but compared to my friends at school or those that I've know for quite a while I'm quite the addict, and they just don't understand. So, for those of you that don't know me; which I assume is most, if not, all of you, you can call me CJ. I'm in college and some of my hobbies are playing the drums, listening to a lot of different music, movies & my Xbox360.

One of my friends from H.S. got me hooked on Ghost in the Shell and Naruto (around the Chuunin Exam Arc). I then started watching Cowboy Bebop on Cartoon Network along with FLCL and a couple of others.

My Rankings:

5* - This anime is nothing short of greatness. Should be obligatory viewing.

4.5* - I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this anime, and would recommend it to absolutely anyone.

4* - I really enjoyed this anime, and would recommend it to anyone interested in anime.

3.5* - I enjoyed this anime, I would recommend it most of the time(depends on the person).

3* - I enjoyed this anime, and would recommend it to fans of the genre

2.5* - This anime was decent enough, but I would rather have watched something else

2* - This anime had some good moments, but the poor parts have really stuck with me.

1.5* - This anime was not very good at all, I would recommend that people not watch it

1* - I dropped this anime, as it was wasting my time. Don't let it waste yours.

0.5* - Made me suicidal. It's amazing this was released for public viewing, if you plan to see it be sure to lock up all sharp objects before pressing play.

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IchiNaru says...

Greetings ! Great avatar you have ! Toushiro is awesome !

And nice anime list to !

Have a great time !

//zR0 !

Jul 11, 2009
AnimeRacerGirl says...

I'll have to check out some of those titles you recommended! Thanks a million! XD

May 30, 2009