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I'm currently a soon-to-be third year student in college. Most of my time is spent doing coursework and studying, but I still manage to make enough room to satisfy my entertainment needs. With what little free time I have (and don't have), I enjoy playing video games, browsing music, and of course, watching anime!

Just a note: my top 5 aren't in any particular order. They're all brilliant!


Rating Scale: I only rate anime that I have finished, stalled, or am currently watching. The numerical values are based solely on my enjoyment of the series.

10 - An epic series of epic proportions. Yes, it warrants the usage of not one, but TWO epics, because it's just that awesome. Definitely considered to be my 'favorites'.

9 - A work of art! Breathtaking! Sensational! Spectacular! And so on and so forth.

8 - Super! A solid show that proved to be a very enjoyable experience.

7 - Good. Great. Maybe a bit of both.

6 - Average. Somehow managed to keep me interested.

5/<5 - If I ever have to give out a score like this one, it means that I basically had to force myself to finish the show. But such an event is rare because I generally don't have the willpower to even finish said series in the first place, for better or for worse. That's why my dropped list is so long. :p

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Adam Jul 14, 2010

Well I'll disagree with you on that one: it's a good show.

Adam Jul 2, 2010

It's been months and months since I've seen any anime, but I'm about to break that streak with Durarara. I plan on finishing that at the very least, but it may very well be the last anime I ever see.

Adam Feb 20, 2009

No, it's just the first one I've bothered to put on a flash drive. :P

Adam Feb 19, 2009

Black Lagoon is entertaing so far, and it's going to be the first anime I watch entirely on my tv. (360) Did you see the second season too?