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Just an average girl with a love for Disney, art, and of course anime. Nutella, coffee, chocolate, cheesecake, gyoza (dumplings), udon, curry, sushi, chick fi le, panera bread, chicken salad, stuffed pretzels, hawaiian pizza, mac and cheese, ramen, greek pasta salad, milkshakes, twice baked potatoes, white cheddar popcorn, cake pops, chicken alfredo, and seafood are some of my foods. (aren’t I a glutton?). My favorite color is pink and I have a rather large personal collection of anime and manga that I have accumulated over the years as well as fanart. I like Rune Facotory, DDR, Jak And Daxter, and Kingdom Hearts game series as well. I also like building houses in Sims 2. Feel free visit my Sailor V fansite and look me up on youtube or tumblr.

Here is my current top 50 Favorite Anime/Manga List (I don't give half stars) I link both the anime and manga together as the same piece. Therefore my manga list on here is mainly for the ones I am reading currently and manga exculisve stories that I have read. Another thing to note is my personal preference when it comes to anime. Romance and comedy are the two essential genres that I look for in an anime. I try to be an open-minded person and watch a variety of different genres, but no one can deny their own personal bias. The bold lettering indicates that the story has ended for the show, unbolded means it is still ongoing. The Clamp art style is my favorite manga art style and I am a big Rumiko Takahashi fan.

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My reviews go along with my rating system only slightly different. To clarify:

10/10 Great = 5/5 stars

8/10 Good = 4/5 stars

6/10 Ok = 3/5 stars

4/10 Average = 2/5 stars

2/10 Poor = 1/5 stars

Great Anime/Manga List 5-5 stars Classic

1.)    Ranma ½ (m/a)

2.)    Xxxholic (m/a)

3.)    Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (m/a)

4.)    Kobato (m/a)

5.)    Fairy Tail (m/a)

6.)    Ouran High School Host Club (m/a)

7.)    Inu-Yasha (m/a)

8.)    Hyouka (a)

9.)    Fruits Basket (m/a)

10.)  Sailor Moon (m/a)

Good Anime/Manga List 4-5 stars Buy It

11.) Urusei Yatsura (m/a)

12.) Pokemon (m/a)

13.) Sankarea (m/a)

14.) Blood Lad (m/a)

15.) Yamada-kun and the 7 witches (m/a)

16.) Chobits (m and a)

17.) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (m/a)

18.) Full Metal Panic (m/a)

19.) Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun (m/a)

20.) Noragami (m/a)

21.) Magic Knight Rayearth (m/a)

22.) Hunter X Hunter (a)

23.) Soul Eater (m/a)

24.) Maison Ikkoku (m/a)

25.) Log Horizon (m/a)

Ok Anime/Manga 3-5 stars Reccomend it

26.) Ghost Hunt (a)

27.) Bleach (m/a)

28.) A Little Snow Fairy Sugar (m/a)

29.) Pita Ten (m/a)

30.) Accel World (m/a)

31.) Alice in the Country of Hearts (m)

32.) Madoka Magica (a)

33.) Absolute Boyfriend (m)

34.) Bloody Kiss (m)

35.) Magico (m)

36.) Angelic Layer (m/a)

37.) Cardcapter Sakura (m/a)

38.) Oban Star Racers (a)

39.) Yu Yu Hakusho (m/a)

40.) Kyoukai No Rinne (m/a)

41.) The World God Only Knows (m/a)

42.) World of Narue (m/a)

43.) Nyan Koi (a)

44.) Black Butler (m/a)

45.) Full Metal Alchemist (m/a)

46.) Kimi Ni Todoke (m/a)

47.) Seven Deadly Sins (m/a)

48.) Monster Soul (m)

49.) Hamtaro (a)

50.) Anohana (a)

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  • 3
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