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Hey call me Jen or Jennifer. I'm just here because it was an easy way to sort out everything I have watched and everything I want to watch. So that way I can just go back and check off what i've watched now. If you have any recommendations that you think I might like feel free to tell me. But I haven't even been near finished my list yet, so sorry if i've already seen it!

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zZonic May 16, 2012

Wow i really liked your reviews and i especially liked the structure you maintain in them (: the positive and negative aspects overall and you are still voting the overall impression not like others who cannot give a good vote if they didn´t like even little things like the sound or some voices ;D

AnimalSoldier May 27, 2010

plot? it has a plot? :D all i could fathom was that it was kinda like hentai :p i know you enjoyed that "other stuff" too :D

and really? you're all done? shit...ima only gonna be done next year,and im probably older than you :p my school is sooo stupid... :D

congrats o finishing though :)

AnimalSoldier May 25, 2010

Homework? WHAT homework?! I've been watching soo much anime,i dont even know what my books look like anymore :D And how is that Qwasar one? for some reason,if its making you cringe,its making me wanna watch it even more lol >:oD

Thanks,i like it too :D

AnimalSoldier May 24, 2010

Oh nothing much,the usual...watching an unhealthy amount of anime in a short period of time XD with you? Your reviews are killa btw