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  • I live in a place where tacos rule the worldd(: ♥
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Name: Konnichiwa! Well, my name isn't "konnichiwa", but...^^"
Great...I screwed it up again...=3=...My real name is Katherine, but I like to be called "Dream-chan"...because...well, you know. My username. *Points*

Gender: Hmm, let's wait about 20 minutes, staring at my profile picture, evaluating if it's a girl or a guy.(:

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny
(")_(") to help him gain world domination.

Anime-Ness: If it isn't simple enough, I love anime! Absolutely love it! >:D
But isn't that like, kinda obvious if I'm on an anime site? XD

Random Stuffs o3o: I am new. =3= I need friendz!!! O: Leave a comment or something. & Don't make it normal. Dream-chan doesn't like normal comments. Everyone has weirdness, USE IT!!! >X3

Real friends on Anime-Planet: IceFlower is my only friend on anime-planet...T^T...Except, her computer got a virus for some reason and she's not on anymore...I feel lonely. =.=

Anime Games: I likez Grand Fantasia. It's where you get to beat up Jelly Rabbits and wear cute little cat ears. o3o If anyone plays it, my character name is "SkyMelody" ^^

Musicz: Ooh~ Erm...I likez any music that is...musical. XD Especially anime openings. But my favorite singers/artists are Cascada, P!nk, Taylor Swift, Aly and AJ, Usher, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Rebecca Black (LOL, JK XD)



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SinTheory Sep 11, 2011

Well i see you have not been on in a while, and for all i know you never will. But if you do i would love it if you dropped me a comment :) In my mind it would be nice if you came back to a nice little comment from a stranger who may or may not be a pedophile. Okay... a little to weird? i think that may have been and i apologize. But like i said, when you do come back from your AP hiatus, please feel free to frop by my page :)

Ober11 May 19, 2011

[1800's British Accent] "Weirdness" you say? Why I'd never... In all my years as a noble man I've never heard such... blasphemy!!1!1!1one!!11!!eleven!11! Why I... I! [Normal American Voice] *Ahem* Well, enough of that... <_<

*Stretches out hand for a handshake* Good afternoon! Or evening... or morning... forget it, you get the idea! Saw that you liked weird and random comments and wanted to meet new friends, soooo I couldnt resist <_<. So, I'm Ober, but you could call me Doitsu or Doitsu-san (Really doesn't matter to me lol). I'm somewhat new, so I figured we could be friends (Hope I'm not being too pushy D=) and perhaps I could get some of those Tacos that are in your world too? But anyway... I think I've made enough of a fool of myself for one day, so I think I'll get a move on. Hope to hear from you Dream-chan *Awkwardly moves towards the door, stubs toe on door frame, and stumbles outside >_<*