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It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular!

Author(s): Tanigawa Nico

Genre(s): Slice of Life, Shonen

Status: Ongoing

Other Work from Author: Choko! / Chokko!

Based on: 10 Chapters from 25.

Type: Web-Manga


Tomoko Kuroki is a young girl awaiting her high school life.

With a lot of romantic expierence and more than one hundred male admirers this is going of a good start, isn't it?

Though this might've been interesting to read, she's a total Neet without any expierence in social life and not knowing the reason why. She never had a real converrsation, aside from her brother but that was years ago and even then they were only playing games.

The Reason why i gave the Story 6/10 is quite simple, it's sad and funny at the same time with Tomoko trying to find out the reason why she is so unpopular. It shows that you have to start to look at yourself trying to find your mistakes and maybe the people around you aren't at fault.


The Art is quite fine with the focus relying on Tomoko.

Other People look just fine with semi less details then Tomoko.

You can see her empty eyes, lines under her eyes as well as different face expressions are quite well drawn. 


Aside from Tomoko there is no real depth in characters.

But from my view this is actually a good thing to do, because she is practically alone and a shut in. Letting her being in the focus of all, her trying to find reasoning why she is ugly or unpopular gives her depth and a lot of character. You kinda get the feeling of pitying her most of the time.


This isn't all too good of an review from my perspective.

Since english is my second language and this was my first ever Manga review i've written to this date. I'm looking forward to people criticzing and maybe helping me a bit. Aside from that, i'm feeling rather down after reading this manga.. it's just so sad .. i don't know.

6/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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