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My name is Katre and I'm from a small European country named Estonia. I had some (un)necessary information about that place in my previous bio description so I'm not going to write it down here again. Those who saw it were lucky, those who didn't, were probably even luckier.  If you are interested in finding out more about it, why not just google it ? I'm sure plenty of stuff will pop up. 

Anyway ... 

I'm 28 years old, but I guess people may think I'm younger considering the way I talk and act sometimes.  Let's say that I'm an adult who isn't afraid to let the child who is hiding deep inside me out to play from time to time  ...  or something like that ... 

I was born on 5th of May. It doesn't really have any great importance but since I want to brighten up this dull bio of mine, then I should mention that it's the day one of my favorite manga/anime characters was born too. 

Just out of curiosity, can you guess who I'm talking about ? 

Yeah ... some of you can and some of you can't... I guess ...  that's only natural, don't beat yourself up about it. 

The guy I was talking about is him: 

Heh, I was bored and just looked for information on net and it turns out that I share birthday with someone else I like. :P   

My Zodiac sign is Taurus which may or may not explain my stubborn nature and the tendency to be a hothead from time to time.  The year I was born in was a year of Tiger which may or may not explain my fighting spirit. 

Just so you know, I actually don't believe in horoscopes and I never read them.  This theory above is the theory of my own. Just brought out the characteristics that probably describe me the best and which might resemble those animals in me.  Or something ... I don't even know anymore ... 

Alright, since my life has always been quite boring I think this is enough about me.  

Aah, wait ... there are a few more things ...  

I have a weird sense of humor and I can't make (nor tell) jokes and I'm quite sarcastic ... I've been told ... 

Let's talk about anime ! 

I'm kind of sad to admit that I've become more of an anime fan than I'm a manga fan. I am sad because when I was a teen I made my acquintance with manga before I did with anime. Which is completely normal, I guess ... but now the anime has won me over.

I like to see my favorite (and not so favorite characters) moving around on the screen. I like to hear them talk, I like to listen to the soundtrack in the background. Anime manages to move me emotionally more than manga does. And not to mention ... since I watch anime while doing a little bit of excersising, then I always have time for it.  For manga I would need to find extra time and that I don't have too often. 

But that doesn't mean I don't read manga at all. The first manga I found and started to read was One Piece. I fell in love with it and I still enjoy it very much. It's one of the few manga I have managed to stuck with and I'm sure I will do so until it is completed. 

What kind of anime do I like the most ? 

I like watching psychological stuff, mystery and also I prefer dramas over comedies.

This would have been my answer some months ago. Right now the first part of that statement is still the same but the latter has changed a bit.  I have now discovered that I actually enjoy comedies just as much as dramas. Japanese humor has also won me over.

What kind of anime I most likely won't watch ? 

 To be honest I don't think there really is a genre that I would avoid watching. At first I thought that mecha would be one of those genres that wouldn't make me happy. But then I watched Code Geass  and after that that kind of opinion vanished. 

I'm not as naive as to think that every mecha is as good as Code Geass is, but at least I will not stop myself from giving it a try to watch it anymore.  

I'm also quite open minded about yaoi and yuri. I haven't watched any anime yet but I can't deny that in the past I have read plenty of mangas in those genres. It was so long time ago that I don't remember any of them to be honest. That's why you can't see them in my manga list. 

So ... I'm kind of a pervert here ... if you have to call it that ... 

Just so you know ... my 'won't watch' list is long but it's because there are probably stuff there that shouldn't be. I put that list together months ago and my opinions have probably changed from since then. I'm going to make my corrections one day ...

 Also what is changed about me is the fact that I won't avoid series that have been rated low by the others anymore.  When I first came to this site I immediately started to exclude the series that have lower score than 3 or even 4 stars.  Now I've started to have small curiosity attacks.  Meaning that I have started to wonder what exactly has made people rate those shows so low, why do they think so little of them.  And that feeling of curiosity has made me want to see them.  

So far I have only watched four of them, including Diabolik Lovers and Popee the Performer.  I am not going to say here what I thought about them because I don't want to cause any kind of trouble. Also ... it's hardly time or/and place for that kind of discussion.  If you are interested to know then just check out the ratings I gave them from my 'watched' list and you will know.  

 A(n) (un)necessary little update about me:  I might be am in love with Fujiwara Keiji's voice ...

Anyway I intended to make this bio shorter than last one, but I think it's probably longer. Sorry about that, I will stop talking nonsense and shutting up now ! 

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tsumiki says...

I'm finally going to finish everything in my watching list, I kind of just ignored them for a while, not really sure why either I just did xD

I can't choose my favourite from Free anymore, I like how Rin is more likeable but I did really love him in the first season too! ^_^

I guess you're right about all that stuff you said about my paarents, I just don't know anymore, life is too hard so I just wanna curl up and watch anime forever but I have a friend who is my age and literally all he does is watches anime! He never does his homework or any classwork and as soon as he gets home he messages me about the anime he's just finished and complains that I take so long to watch shows >_< He doesn't know what he wants to do after school either, I kind of have an idea, like continuing education and all that stuff, but his lifestyle seems sorta desirable in a way. I'd probably get bored though, I can't watch too many episodes of anime or I'll get bored or wanna go for a run or something, even though I hate people and the sun xD

I'm just blabbing on again, I can't really remember what I was going to say so I'll just finish it here, talk to you later! :)

Jul 25, 2014
Jmonk says...

Wow! thanks.

Leiutajateküla Lotte is good. characters are interesting. And it's no problem Estonian is spoken. But I hope you don't ask the reason.^^ And old titles are interesting too. They have unique atmosphere. That is common about Japanese titles though. 

Jul 22, 2014
Grach says...

Oh; alrighty. ^^;;

Just hoped it didn't come across as one of those "jokes that isn't a joke but a veiled slam against someone". ._.

Jul 21, 2014
Grach says...

Aww :\

I was mostly trying to joke with that, but I failed rather poorly. ^^;

Am really sorry about that...didn't mean for it to come across like that.. ._.

Jul 21, 2014
Jmonk says...

I found estonian comics.(http://www.postimees.ee/koomiks) This is very interesting! Are there other comics or animes?

Jul 21, 2014