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My name is Katre and I'm from a small European country named Estonia. I had some (un)necessary information about that place in my previous bio description so I'm not going to write it down here again. Those who saw it were lucky, those who didn't, were probably even luckier.  If you are interested in finding out more about it, why not just google it ? I'm sure plenty of stuff will pop up. 

Anyway ... 

I'm 28 years old, but I guess people may think I'm younger considering the way I talk and act sometimes.  Let's say that I'm an adult who isn't afraid to let the child who is hiding deep inside me out to play from time to time  ...  or something like that.

My Zodiac sign is Taurus which may or may not explain my stubborn nature and the tendency to be a hothead from time to time.  The year I was born in was a year of Tiger which may or may not explain my fighting spirit. 

Just so you know, I actually don't believe in horoscopes and I never read them.  This theory above is the theory of my own. Just brought out the characteristics that probably describe me the best and which might resemble those animals in me.  Or something ... I don't even know anymore...

Alright, since my life has always been quite boring I think this is enough about me.  

Aah, wait ... there are a few more things ...  

I have a weird sense of humor and I can't make (nor tell) jokes and I'm quite sarcastic ... I've been told ... 

Let's talk about anime ! 

I'm kind of sad to admit that I've become more of an anime fan than I'm a manga fan. I am sad because when I was a teen I made my acquintance with manga before I did with anime. Which is completely normal, I guess ... but now the anime has won me over.

I like to see my favorite (and not so favorite characters) moving around on the screen. I like to hear them talk, I like to listen to the soundtrack in the background. Anime manages to move me emotionally more than manga does. And not to mention ... since I watch anime while doing a little bit of excersising, then I always have time for it.  For manga I would need to find extra time and that I don't have too often.  

Update (11/8/2014):  I think I'm starting to get into manga again, yay !  

What kind of anime do I like the most ? 

I like watching psychological stuff, mystery and also I prefer dramas over comedies.

This would have been my answer some months ago. Right now the first part of that statement is still the same but the latter has changed a bit.  I have now discovered that I actually enjoy comedies just as much as dramas. Japanese humor has also won me over.

What kind of anime I most likely won't watch ? 

 To be honest I don't think there really is a genre that I would avoid watching. At first I thought that mecha would be one of those genres that wouldn't make me happy. But then I watched Code Geass  and after that that kind of opinion vanished. 

I'm not as naive as to think that every mecha is as good as Code Geass is, but at least I will not stop myself from giving it a try to watch it anymore.  

I'm also quite open minded about yaoi and yuri. I haven't watched any anime yet but I can't deny that in the past I have read plenty of mangas in those genres. It was so long time ago that I don't remember any of them to be honest. That's why you can't see them in my manga list. 

So ... I'm kind of a pervert here ... if you have to call it that ... 

Just so you know ... my 'won't watch' list is long but it's because there are probably stuff there that shouldn't be. I put that list together months ago and my opinions have probably changed from since then. I'm going to make my correction 

 Also what is changed about me is the fact that I won't avoid series that have been rated low by the others anymore.  When I first came to this site I immediately started to exclude the series that have lower score than 3 or even 4 stars.  Now I've started to have small curiosity attacks.  Meaning that I have started to wonder what exactly has made people rate those shows so low, why do they think so little of them.  And that feeling of curiosity has made me want to see them.  

So far I have only watched four of them, including Diabolik Lovers and Popee the Performer.  I am not going to say here what I thought about them because I don't want to cause any kind of trouble. Also ... it's hardly time or/and place for that kind of discussion.  If you are interested to know then just check out the ratings I gave them from my 'watched' list and you will know.  

P.S. The male voice actors (seiyuu) I  love the most at the moment are (in a random order): 

Ono Daisuke         Hosoya Yoshimasa    Sugita Tomokazu    Nakai Kazuya   

 Koyama Rikiya 

Fujiwara Keiji       Miyano Mamoru        Ohtsuka Akio           Seki Tomokazu 

I am ashamed to say that I don't have just as many favorite female voice actors.  I do love Park Romi though and Ohtani Ikue 

My bodyguards: 

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LetsGetCherryPie says...


Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Dec 23, 2014
Sianeka says...

Just had a new Greeter join my club, and guess what?!!! He's from Estonia too!  Are you having the whole place join this site????  LOL

His name is Luuney on the site here.

Dec 3, 2014
XxZeroeZxX says...

Hello sempai! *jumps into ur arms* :D

I was sitting cold and tired after work in my apartment and I thought, I haven't checking in on my wonderful sempai in a while ^_^

So how r things? I'm doing well so don't u worry about me :)

Dec 2, 2014
hectic3006 says...

Oh okay.

A guy who doesn't like ecchi, rare? No I'm not 12 anymore, the sight of cartoon tit fondling does not excite me nor does panty shots and full episodes committed on random panty raids. This is why Strike Witches was so bad, and how does High School of Dead have a better rating than: FCLC, Utawarerumono, Freedom, GitS 2, Ergo motherfucking Proxy - what the actual fuck; me mad.

Actually it makes me sad to see so many great shows with great ideas and epic plots pushed back by smut like this, all because some underage boys could see some tits and blood - fucking disgusting. I wonder if these guys would see that anime in 10 years time, what rating would they give it then. I think I just lost my trust in the general rating system here, if lot of the higher titles are just borderline hentai, the top 10 is still normal but anything ranking lower can't be trusted. Ratings should be weighed against the age of the rater.

Funny story: I once tried to watch a hentai title and I have to say that the 20 minutes of grinding anime characters had no effect except absolute boredom on me. I think it works better in doujinshi as the reader can apply his/her own imagination. /Porntalk

Ecchi and why I dislike it; I watch anime because of the story, there are other things I watch just because they make me feel good but they are not anime. I am not saying that anime can't make me feel good or it can't be visually pleasing, what I'm saying is that it isn't JUST that, it is always with plot.

RE: Fillers. I could explain it so good with one anime title but you haven't seen it, damn. I will do my best to lay it down for you: filler to me is like when I write a six page essay that I feel good about and delete it. It's like I play the game for a long time and the save file gets corrupted. It's like a movie where the main character wakes up in the end and the story was just a dream that had no repercussions in the real world. Filler is to me like a though that I forgot but wasted my day on thinking about.

RE: Manga. It is pretty rare to have manga after anime. I just can't get into reading fiction, I guess. I'm a guy and I like to read real stuff. :D

Nov 17, 2014
hectic3006 says...

Sorry for the wait, I have been busy at work and with watching the annual "Desert Bus for Hope". (https://desertbus.org/) I usually write comments on my nightshifts and free time.

I used to have a large want to watch list but I cleaned out the ones that are not relevant to me anymore, removed all the ecchi shit and most of romance only stuff, also most of shounen titles. One peace scares me with this 670+ episodes I can't get into something so large, I mean I can marathon titles with about 100 episodes but as shonenhas a habit of repeating scenes, over explaining stuff and fillers - it would get annoying with so big back catalog and I would hate the anime but I know it's a great show.

About the manga being weird, I will not name the manga/anime by saying it's title but for the record this is a manga what started after the anime and one of the key points that weirded me out was the main characters got children at the age of 15-16, it didn't fit the anime nor the overall style of that world. I don't know if these weird turns were caused by the anime coming first or not, but that was the main thing for me not getting into manga.

Nov 16, 2014